If you anyone needs advice or assistance with app dev, reach out!

Hi Friends, I own a software design/dev agency, and I live for supporting female founders! This is a wide open invitation to reach out if you need a gut check or a beta review, some code or just a new connection.

I have two toddlers and an agency and have been spending the past few years with my head down. New connections are revitalizing and wonderful. :) I'm based in the SF area (North Bay).

Hi Lindsey - thank you so much for this post. Would love to connect. I live for females who lift other females up and as a non-technical founder this kind of connection and post is everything.
Hi @katya82, Thanks for the reply. Let's connect! My calendar: I look forward to it!
Hey there friend! My wife and I are getting ready to launch our startup and would love to connect with you! Our Technical Director lives in SF too and Dev Team are in SF too!
@victoriaporter Awesome. It would be great to connect! My calendar is here: I look forward to it!