Keeping Commitments to Ourselves

Finding it hard to take care of yourself? Have you set aside time but don’t honor it because something always comes up? Below are a few tips for keeping commitments with yourself;

  • Meeting with the CEO. Time for yourself is a meeting with the CEO (of your life). Treat yourself like you’d treat the CEO. Only reschedule time with yourself if it’s worthy enough that you’d cancel last minute on your CEO.Don’t have a CEO— take out CEO and replace with Favorite Celebrity
  • Schedule Smart. Pick a time that isn’t likely to be hijacked. Early mornings before the kids wake up or before meetings begin may present fewer conflicts.
  • Get Comfortable with No. Saying “yes” when you really want to say “no” doesn’t benefit anyone involved. Practice saying no and it will get easier as you see the benefits.

What other ways work for you in keeping commitments to yourself? What are your biggest challenges?