I've been teaching executives how to speak tech, but I noticed that this isn't enough to get you to be a Digital Leader. If nobody knows about your new digital skills, you won’t be picked for digital leadership opportunities.

This is why you have to also work on how people perceive you. Here are three hacks to help you change perceptions today:

1) Update your LinkedIn profile

For senior level opportunities, candidates are not expected to apply – they need to be found. Executive recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates, so make sure that your profile positions you for digital leadership.

This is also a must do for entrepreneurs and those not looking for their next job. Professional opportunities like new clients and employees come to us via LinkedIn, so make sure your profile portrays you as a digital leader.

The most important part of your LinkedIn profile is the tagline under your name. Put key words relevant to your experience and the digital roles you aspire to.

For tagline format, see my LinkedIn profile here.

2) Share content on digital disruption

Sharing content about how digital technologies are changing your industry is a simple way to  upgrade your professional image.

For the quickest way to do this, share an article you have already read on digital technologies and add a couple of sentences on why you found it interesting.

Make sure to share content from prestigious professional publications, like the Harvard Business Review, the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal.

You could start by sharing my latest Harvard Business Review article: Coding Isn’t a Necessary Leadership Skill — But Digital Literacy Is. This will make you look like a well read person and align you with digital leadership.

Simply sharing a couple of relevant articles per week, that you are probably already reading, will help shift your professional profile.

3) Host events

Host events on how digital technologies are impacting your industry.

As a panel moderator, you get to ask the questions, but you don’t have to know the answers. This is a great way to build your knowledge, network and go from being seen as a traditional business manager to a digital leader.

For example, if you work in real estate investing, host a session how technology has changed the industry. Ask a VC, a founder and a digital expert to join your panel.

If you want more about becoming a digital leader, listen to the Tech for Non-Techies podcast. (Available on Apple, Spotify & wherever you get your podcasts).