How to find recruiting agencies in Singapore?

Hi, everyone

I'm a product manager with 8 years work experience based in China now, I want to relocate in Singapore, untill now I have spent 4 months seeking pm positions in Singapore through Linkedin. I've only got 2 interviews out of 60+ applications, probably because positions with EP support are very limited. I talked with a few friends who work in tech companies in Singapore. They suggest me seek jobs through referals or agencies. I already used all my network to refer me. It worked a little bit. Is anyone working in recruiting agencies in Singapore now? May I have a coffee chat with you. I REALLY need some advices now.

Hey LiuDa,Hope all's well! I know it must be hard but keep at it and wishing you well!Perhaps check this agency out - can connect with their founder on LI and check if she can put you through to one of the recruiters who works on product positions for SG, her name is Elena Chow.If I know of other ones, I'll send them your way but SG as far as I've known functions a bit differently -in-house recruiters also look at EP sponsorships(referrals are a bonus) but the current preference is given to PR's and citizens in terms of hiring. Feel free to connect with me on LI if you like -
Thank you PoGo96, I'll check it. This is really helpful and means a lot to me. Thank you again. and I followed you on LI, I am also studying crypto space and products of web3 lately, it's really booming now.