Understanding women’s relationship with skincare / 6-minute survey (Women 25-44)


We are a young startup conducting research to better understand women’s relationship with skincare.

Participate in this 6-minute survey and qualify to win a $20 SEPHORA GIFT CARD! Your answers are important to us as they help us shape our vision and build the product that you deserve.

If you qualify for our study, you will be invited to a 1:1 conversation where we will dive deeper into your answers in a 30-45 minute interview. Your gift card will be on its way as soon as the interview ends!

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Thank you for participating!

Filled out! I wonder if on the "Importance" section (question "Which of the following statements best describes how well you understand your skin?") it would be worth to have an option "I follow my dermatologist prescription" because many people leverage their dermatologist for that type of support!
OMG Iynna! This is incredibly helpful feedback. In fact, one of the main things we are trying to understand is women's relationship with skincare experts, how often they visit them, if they trust their recommendations, etc. Thank you!!!
Filling it out now! :)
Quick note: I struggled with the question of how much I spent a month on skincare. The products I buy last me three months so I answered $20 a month, but technically the two products I use cost $50 and $35.
Hi Marisol! Thanks for participating and for sharing your observations. I'll be sure to consider this when reviewing yours!