Women – An Integral Part of Seasia Infotech - Software Development Company in India

The IT sector does suffer from a massive disbalance in the number of male and female employees. It is a male-dominated sector with significantly fewer women's voices. However, several business giants are working on creating an equal ratio inside the software development company India, giving women employees a voice in the workplace, and working towards the welfare of women at large.

Seasia – The Need for Women in IT!

Seasia: A Software Development Company India also focuses on creating a more inclusive environment for women in the organization.

Since the organization's start, Seasia has focused on creating a diverse environment that ensures varying point-of-views.

For Seasia, women's empowerment does start at home. To begin with, Women in IT are fairly limited. Hence, we take appropriate steps to ensure a diversified group of people working in the organization. Our work revolves around finding the best candidates for every job, but by keeping a diverse pool of potential candidates, we have found that it is easier to maintain an equal ratio of genders in the organization.

Moreover, some of our top management-level employees are women who have been working in the field with us for years.

Here is how we contribute to Women's Empowerment as a software development company in India.

Appropriate Encouragement

The first and foremost method of helping women in IT is through encouragement. It helps them find more success while building their self-confidence. At Seasia, women are encouraged to take more risks and opportunities.

Encouragement at work is essential for both genders to thrive. Hence, we work on creating a balance and offering apt opportunities to women to help them grow as business leaders.

Fair Parental Leave Policy

We understand the importance of an appropriate parental leave policy for women in the workplace. Our maternity leave helps women return to work after having children.

At Seasia, we understand the complexities and stigmatization around women returning to work and empower women to make the appropriate decisions for their careers through a shared vision and keeping the needs of women.

Measures Against Sexual Harassment

At Seasia, we believe in providing a safe working environment for our employees. It includes setting our expectations for employees' conduct at the organization through a session on Sexual Harassment at every employee's joining date.

Moreover, the leaders at the organization understand the importance of taking any instance of sexual harassment seriously, resulting in swift action from the company.

Creating Roles for Women

We understand the importance of women in the company's overall structure and encourage women to pursue a career at all levels of work. The diversity that women bring to the group of individuals working on a project help improve the innovation and performance of the company. Moreover, the presence of women leaders also facilitates the identification of workplace discrimination issues.

We have been working on creating an equal ratio between genders to create a more diverse structure for the organization.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

As a software development company in India, we understand the disparity in the number of women and men in the IT field. It is evident through every statistic that the IT sector is primarily male-dominated, and we want to close that gap. Moreover, as pay disparity is a significant issue in the IT field, we make special provisions to offer equal pay for equal work.

Not Just for the Women Working in IT

Our corporate social responsibility includes efforts to make the world a better place for women. Hence, we have also created associations with various non-profit organizations to create a better world for women today and tomorrow.

We already contribute to girl child education in the community. Moreover, the company donates needful products to the women in the area to help as much as we can.

Our charity work is geared towards making a difference in the world.

Seasia’s CEO R.P. Singh Take on Women in IT

Seasia is a software development company in India made on the ethos of gender equality. Hence, our CEO, Mr. R.P. Singh, firmly believes that women should be a part of every discussion at the office.

The company has already introduced several measures to ensure that women get fair opportunities and appropriate conduct in the workplace. Moreover, we plan on improving our methods to create a more inclusive environment where more women counterparts can voice their opinions and affect business decisions for better results.

Final Thoughts -

The IT industry can benefit significantly from giving more opportunities to women. The presence of women in the workforce and among the management members helps create a more diverse environment, leading to a more diverse school of thought. That, in turn, results in better overall operations and results for the company.

Any software development company in India will benefit from having more women on the team. However, at the start of the shift, girl-child education and encouraging young and adult women to take science subjects were necessary.