Seed Fundraise: Parent-tech/Future of Work space

Hello everyone!

I am a former HR Executive in Silicon Valley and am transitioning from Corporate (former VP at Square/Block) to entrepreneurship with a stealth start-up called MissPoppins, leading a stellar female-powerhouse team to build a 5.5B worth parenting-tech ecosystem.

I am in the process of raising a Seed round this Fall and we've landed soft commits from a Global VC fund and couple of angel investors already. We are continuing our search for the right Lead-Investor and/or Co-Investor partners, plus wonderful Angels, that would add tremendous value to our journey ahead.




MissPoppins is building a modern digital parent village with an all-inclusive platform for the most life-affirming action in our human existence: rearing up and caring for a child.
Every year in the U.S., 88% of new parents feel like they lack parenting expertise and support infrastructure, and 80% of caregivers suffer productivity loss at work, resulting in avoidable high claims and increased medical premiums that impact employers.
We are pioneering a concierge-based approach that can be offered as a benefit by employers at an affordable cost, with the intent of keeping new parent employees’ productivity high and stress levels low. We started with an app that builds on 3 Pillars (the 3 Cs): real-time Chat, customizable Content, mentorship Community. And we are building an ecosystem of support for every parent out there.
What makes us stand-out:
-  We are the only ones offering asynchronous, real-time access to all childcare specialists and a chat-based mentorship platform.
- We have a strong pipeline of enterprise and channel partnerships because of our Founder's HR Executive background in the Silicon Valley
- We have a stellar team of female-led engineers and board-certified pediatrician (ex-Square/Block, Apple, Intel, Bloomberg and start-up leadership)
- Our advisory team is best-in-class executives bringing a world of experience in B2B2C, Enterprise and B2C (C-suite of ZoomIntelRobocuisineSilicon Valley Employers ForumForma, Censia; HR Executives from TeslaPalantir Technologies; cloud security guru with 2 exits and 3 start-ups under his belt, etc).
- Our first testing cohorts (private beta with ~200 consumers) show best in class engagement metrics with 80% conversion and 2.25 daily utilization rates at 15 min of weekly engagement and 84.5 NPS.
- We are targeting the 5.5B parent-tech ecosystem market
No doubt, we are a 'must-have' that parents have been long seeking, in a world full of 'nice to have' parent-tech solutions. We are raising our Seed round this summer to maximize our momentum and product robustness, expand our functionality and GTM strategy, and fill in the rest of our functional team.