Product Strategy: Do you need it?

I'm ramping down on some fun projects with amazing founders (like Kimberly Seals Allers, Arlan Hamilton), and setting aside time to focus on some personal projects.

One being my maternal health work @ The Renée.

The other is Product Groove, where I support and coach primarily non-technical and/or first-time #founders and folks of colour on product strategy. Essentially, I help folks think through how to build really good stuff. These are 1-1 or group sessions 2x/month.

We go through common challenges like:

1. Is my idea a "product"?

2. What's the next step in building a product or feature?

2. Who is my customer? Who cares about what I'm building?

3. Do I need a roadmap?

4. How to incorporate design?

5. Frameworks for prioritizing eeeeeeverything

6. Should I hire a dev shop/agency?


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