A fun story plus an opportunity to get your questions answered on the planetary impact of the fashion industry: a few months ago, I posted an article with something I was working with my startup, Soapbox Project. We make social and environmental impact easy for busy people, and @SabrinaMoscola reached out to say she'd be interested in collaborating with us! This was perfect, since she has expertise in retail/fashion supply chains and I'm always on the lookout for people who can offer their skillset. She's helping us plan our first interactive panel: How to change your clothes (and your mind). We've secured some incredible speakers, including the CEO of Queen of Raw and the Director of Brand and Impact at Cotopaxi. We also have two people on our panel that have worked in retail, from a store management/employee perspective and from a side-hustle entrepreneurship role ( , and I'm really excited about the panelists' diverse experiences and takes on the fashion world. I'm extra-happy to have folks on our panel we can actually relate to, as well as experts who are many steps ahead of us in our careers.In the event sign-up form, you'll have the opportunity to submit questions of your own and we'll do our best to get them answered either during or after the event. You can participate synchronously or asynchronously - the whole goal is to curate an experience that works for YOU! We're also having a "what's in your wardrobe" interactive exercise so you can really get personalized recommendations on how to be more sustainable, from rethinking clothes washing to where you shop to how you can be a stronger consumer activist. There's lots of exciting stuff in store at the event and I'm so grateful to Sabrina for reaching out on Elpha!
Super excited about this!