Scaling small growing business: strategy, coaching, and operations guidance

Looking for a business scaling coach or service to help growing small business scale smartly.

Founder/CEO moving from day-to-day management to strategic leadership, with headcount growing to currently 3FTE (will be +-10 within 3 years) and 20 contractor providers. Needing guidance with scaling in operations and human resources (especially onboarding). Considering/hope to better understand fractional COO/HR as well as executive strategy coaching.

The company is a medical service training and resourcing company, with broad US coverage; 10 years experience. The founder is well-known in a niche space, with original training in sonography (not business strategy!).

I've coached companies through inflection points like these and you'll have to be ruthless in how you prioritize. Moving from daily management tasks to that more strategic level means ensuring you have the right resources in play to avoid how often you're responding to emergencies. Happy to connect and learn more about what you're doing and what you want to achieve.