Looking to connect with HR professionals to transform your workplace wellbeing

Hello All,

My name is Nelly Yusupova, and I am reaching out to introduce you to Wellbeing Inc, a pioneering mental health and wellbeing solution provider.

I would welcome the opportunity to connect with HR professionals interested in learning about innovative wellbeing solutions and explore potential collaborations to enhance their workplace wellbeing.

About Us:At Wellbeing Inc., we have developed a transformative app designed to support mental health and wellbeing for employees. Our mission is to make wellbeing support and self-development accessible to everyone, everywhere, delivering effective and measurable results. Over the past 14 months, we have successfully onboarded 2,500 users in a Danish biotech company and have gotten some meaningful impact for their employee base.  See below:

  • 50% of the company’s employees have used the app.
  • 15-20% are frequent users.
  • 86% report experiencing improvements specifically related to our app's content.
  • 89% now understand how to prevent or reduce stress and fatigue.
  • 88% find the level of the personalized content well-matched to their needs.

Our Offerings:

  1. Personalized Wellbeing Journeys: Tailored content to support individual needs, helping users thrive and grow.
  2. Quick Reliefs and Long-term Prevention: Immediate support for stress and demotivation, along with deeper processes for lasting wellbeing.
  3. White-label Solutions: Customizable app reflecting your brand, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.
  4. Comprehensive Support: Engaging content, creative onboarding, and access to personalised journeys and features.

Why Partner with Us?Our data-driven approach, backed by positive user feedback, demonstrates our app’s potential to make a significant impact in any organization.  Please find our detailed 1-pager for more information

I would love to have a brief exploratory conversation.  You can pick a time here if convenient for you, or email me with times that work well for you.


Nelly YusupovaCo-founder of Wellbeing IncE: [email protected]