Seeking suggestions for panel series I’m developing!

Hello everyone,

I'm building out a new free panel series geared toward tech professionals and I'm soliciting input on topics folks want to talk about to process and make sense of trends in our industry but that don't exist today.

examples : ageing out of tech, corpirate satire (think Corporate Natalie or Corporate Erin), managing a multi generational workforce, what is happening to DE&I as budgets tighten.

what else would folks like to hear about and discuss in a salon style format with an intimate gathering of professionals?

The multi generational workforce one is SO interesting and def something I’d tune in! Along those lines: the “clash “ of generations - this is the first time we have three generations coexist in the workplace (gen x, millenials/zillenials, gen z)Also covid/the pandemic changed a lot with the rise of solopreneurs/people leaving the corporate world and now w/ the current economic environment, people trying to come back, but now there’s an oversupply of candidates for less roles available: how do we manage that and reach back a societal equilibrium?
This is an excellent suggestion! I’ll definitely add this to the list. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts 💭 here
Off topic but because you said "Corporate Natalie" I used to love her videos and follow her on TikTok but now I find her stuff completely unwatchable because of that one video where she said somebody shouldn't have a workout class at 8:00 AM in the morning before work. She betrayed herself as aligning with toxic corporate persona we thought she was poking fun of instead of upholding the work-life boundaries we all need, and even though she's apologized I can't unsee it. I know "work life balance" is sort of out-of-fashion but I do think a lot of millennials+ have major issues setting boundaries at work because we were so desperate to get a foot in the door after the '08 recession. It might finally be time for a Big Reset.
I actually had the same emotional arc with her content as well. There’s something to business satire content with these influencers that might be worth unpacking if I can tease this out a bit more.And you are so right, the imprint of 2008 certainly lives on in our day to day choices of whether to shut off or not
Wow, even the premise of aging out of tech is biased. I am an early GenX who used MS DOS in graduate school and had Mac SE at home in the late 1980s. I use Python, SQL and R now- and I'm a public policy professional. I am not a so-called digital native.
I’d love to connect with you directly on this. Can you tell me more? I’m intrigued!