Seeking advice: Starting a remote engineering/technology company

Hey guys. I hope you're doing well! I'm Lisa, nice to meet you all.I writing to you in order to know your opinion (and get a little bit of advice) about having a remote company because I would like to start a remote engineering company, but there are certain things I would like to know about:- How can I make a remote company that makes a social impact? (A remote technology/engineering social enterprise, for example)- If I would like to expand my remote business to the citizens of the place that I'm living at that moment, should I live in a place where people have high spending (or earning) power? Or my business can work well independently of the place it's situated?Thanks a lot for your help and attention. I know these are very specific questions, but I would like to know your experiences and opinions about these topics. Cheers!
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@LisaPalacios3004 Hi Lisa! I'd love to learn more about your vision. When you say you want to make a social impact, what kind of problems is this remote company solving? What's the solution/output that it's creating? Or is the solution creating job opportunities for engineers outside of tech hubs? I'll share some resources about building processes and hiring here but set them aside for a bit. Getting some clarity around those first questions may determine your next step. Good luck and keep me posted!
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@megduffy Hello Meg! Thanks a lot for your answer. With this remote business, I would like to develop software and products that can help people, for example, biomedical software, design of a product that can be used in the medical field, develop software or products that can help people with food/water insecurity, create educational products, etc. I would like that this remote business works to generate social impact and, at the same time, develop new technologies and products that are in demand or that have good future growth.Thank you so much for sharing your resources, they're very helpful!