What is your personal Net Worth?

Also what are your financial goals?I'll share mine to start.Age: 35Net Worth: $150k Goal: Reach financial independence in the next 5-7 years
Age: 25Net Worth: -$35kGoal: Pay off student debt by 2022
Age: 33Net worth: 90kIncome: 60k/yearGoal: Own a completely paid off home someday
Age: 37Net Worth: About $400KGoal: Make investments in underrepresented founders.
That's fantastic! Curious (if you feel comfortable sharing) how is your investment portfolio looking like right now/where do you invest?Lastly do you plan to invest in underrepresented founders as part of your own fund/as an angel? or do you want to be an LP in funds that support underrepresented founders?
This is amazing ❤️ I’m currently very small scale starting this myself with 2 founders 😊
Juliette - that's fantastic. Steven Lewis is doing amazing stuff for underrepresented founders in Charlotte NC with The Boospad. Happy to make an introduction if you like.
Checked this out and donated. Very cool. Thanks!
Wow that's fantastic Ellen. Agreed, great cause
I love thought process! I noticed you were interested in making money and I was wondering if you had any success working online yet? This guy and girl right here is really helping me out, And he said after I made my first commission check i should help out others like yourself. And it seems to be working out pretty well, He has a free training where reveals some pretty interesting thing about 45 mins in
Age: 31Net Worth: -1k Goals: pay off student loans in 1.5 years, mortgage paid + financial independence in 10-15
45, 1 M+ , never fly commercial again
I love that goal :D
30~360kOwn a house
Love your goal! I'd settle for business class :P
Age: 21Net worth: $10k Goal: Start saving for car
Thank you for starting this thread! This year my goal was to hit $100K and I ended up crossing that mark just before my 28th birthday earlier this month. I couldn't be happier! Goal: I want to reach FI by 40 but do not want to retire early necessarily as I love working and the space in which I am.
Age: 34Salary: $150K, soon to be $200K with my raise Jan 2021 (not including equity)Net Worth: ~$550K myself and ~$1M if combined with my husbandGoal: Buy a house on the ocean, $1M annual compensation, FI by 40-45
I'm so looking forward to reaching that 500K mark, I feel like compounding will snowball from there. Some questions...1. Are you anticipating the future $1M job in "tech" or is it some other industry? 2. Are there any tactics you want/will take to reach that compensation?
Keep going! It's hard but you have to keep in mind that you sacrifice what you want today for what you want tomorrow :). 1. This will be a job in tech. I'm making my way to a COO role in the next year or two at my current company. We're expecting to go public so I expect my compensation with shares will go to $500K minimum. I know other companies like Google pay their Directors ~$1M in total comp so I feel I could go from a smaller startup as a C level to a Director or VP level at a large tech company. When we go public, my equity will also give me a payout (unsure what that will be at this point but I joined late so I'm expecting only a few hundred thousand at the most, if even that). 2. I've taken on a lot of responsibility and work at my current company. As part of that, I've been given a large increase (~40%) and will also be increasing my equity. Next year, I'm tying my performance to a big equity bump as well, since we're aiming to go public. I have made it clear I am working towards being a C level and they are supportive of that as long as I keep performing at the same level and that will likely give me another pay bump when that happens plus increased equity or stock options when public. One thing that really surprised me is how many smaller startups (A series) can and will pay for people they value. I've been able to come in and provide a lot of value to the company and fill a lot of holes and I have been very fortunate in finding a company that is willing to spend to keep their valued employees happy.
That’s awesome! I’m aiming for this career path too 😃 super cool to see someone who has made it!
Age: 19Net Worth: ~$35kGoal: Finish off my degree, save for a car and a house deposit after graduated from university
That's incredible for your age!
Great going!
Age: 39Net worth: $1M+Goal: Be able to afford eating Brazilian BBQ every day without a second thought (until I get sick of it!)
As Millennials say, You are #goals!
I'd love to know how you did this :).
Age: 36 (37 next month )Net worth: just retired from software development and the military.Goals:Going to try to have a family with my husband now and focus on being a mom.Finally have time and resources to take care of mental and physical health. I go to a lot of doctors appointments for checkups as well as therapy.Continue mentoring women founders.Also, goal to save 1/3 of our monthly income after we relocate to Europe.
Congrats on retiring, wow, wow. What's prompting you to move to Europe? I'm applying to Europe jobs right now, with the same goal with my partner.
Age: 35Salary: at 21 started at $40K, now $130K. Now looking to choose a higher paying tech job to speed up savings, target for next job is $200-220. Net Worth: $286K, across 401Ks, Roths. This is only mine, my partner's work does not earn financial compensation. Do not own a home.Debt: About $300K, $7K left now, I think I will always regret choosing an expensive graduate program. I did not seek alternative ways to reach my professional goals, and feel like I'm constantly "behind" on savings because of the almost $2K I sent in monthly for an expedited repayment plan, while also acknowledging my luck and privilege that tech is so well compensated right now.Goals: Reach FI by 45 🤞, travel and do art residences afterwards, be able to take care of my parents, elders and community easily.
Yes! Very similar situ here. Curious if you don’t mind sharing, what type of role you are in and how you are going about finding potential roles that will meet your salary goals and preparing for them.I am in a technical role but considering if it might be time to jump to a manager or business-side ladder.
So far (last 3-4 months) I have been preparing my portfolio, linkedin, and checking every day for the leadership roles that are opening up in the tech/design field. I am also struggling with the shift in mindset around "my work must fulfill me intellectually" as the highest priority to "my work must sustain me through older age and sickness" - which is starting to make it easier for me to look at FAANG companies and other sectors that I waved away in the past.In the new year I'll start calling in advice from mentors and asking them very specifically: "I am trying to maximize my financial compensation, what advice, direction and direct connections do you have?" I think the direct connections are what I'm missing right now - I think I am very well qualified for Director / Head of.. / Senior Manager roles and I apply to them, but the job market it seems is very saturated right now and its easy to get lost in the pile of applicants. Hope this helps! Would love to hear your thought process too!
Age: 31Net Worth: $600kGoal: Qualify as accredited investor. Be able to live off passive income w/o the need for a salaried role to supplement (to grant myself full freedom)
They recently updated the rules and description for an accredited investor! No longer based on arbitrary net worth or salary requirements! It will now include several types of financial certifications, credentials, experience, etc.
I did see that! And I'm glad to see them finally making progress to update with sensible adjustments. Unfortunately I'm not currently in financial services and my Series 7 has long expired :(
Age: 28Net Worth: $686kGoal: Build an animal shelter offering affordable/free vet care services, especially for the sick & elderly animals
Wow @TiffW this is really phenomenal. Could you speak a bit more about your investment strategy? Is this all liquid assets or do you also have some illiquid (e.g real estate etc) presuming you are comfortable to do so :) I think many of us can learn from you.
Hi @iynna, happy to share if it's helpful! Assets- 1.15M real estate (2 houses: 1st rental house bought in 2015 and appreciated $250k, 2nd rental house bought recently in 2020)- 138k cash (savings)- 48k retirement accounts (401K/IRA) Liabilities- 650k (2 mortgages)
Age: 37Net worth: $500+k (including spouse)Goal: Reach financial independence in the next 10 years
Age: 39Net worth: $243k (single and no debt, but about to be in between jobs)Goals: retire no later than 55 and buy some adorable little property near the ocean, in Portugal or Peru, plus travel
Age: 35Cash: $42kIRA/Roth/401k: $66kStocks/ETFs: $86kReal estate: $150K (3 investment properties in Vietnam)Currently bootstrapping an EdTech startup. My goal is to have this venture succeed so I never have to work a soul-sucking corporate job ever again :)
Woo! Go bootstrapping EdTech startups, Go!! Bootstrapping a startup to also never work a soul-sucking corporate job is also my dream
Love this thread! Age: 34Net Worth: ~$400k (401k, Cash, S&P 500 stock)Income: $185k with RSUs this year; on track for $200k with RSUs next year if nothing changes (which it always could, for better or worse!)Goal: *$1m+ net worth by 40*Save enough cash for a 20% downpayment & closing costs on a $1m apartment in the next 18 months ($125k down...$125k to go, eek.)*Be able to send a child to a private college*Be able to retire at age 68-70*Never tie myself to a lifestyle where I have to earn a really high salary to afford it.Important to know: 10 years ago I was earning 32k; 5 years ago I was earning $90k; 2 years ago I was earning $110k. Graduated college in 2009 with $30k in loans (paid off in 2016). No kids, but I think I'll try to have one in the next 3 years?
Net worth $324,000 (all in diversified stocks & bonds, no real estate, very small amount in cash) Age 33 No debt Goal: buy a beautiful house surrounded by nature not too far from the city (think outskirts of denver/boulder), spend without concern on my health (organic foods, massages), travel to new places, and be able to give my time away to help others.
That's awesome!! I commented below in a different thread, but I'd love to learn more about resources / reading material you use to inform your approach to stocks and bonds. Can you share some more insight?
Age: 30Income: (incl stock) $400KNet worth: $1.5M+ (I’m not counting any privately held stock even if it’s fairly late stage)Goal: buy a vineyard by age 40
Well done!
Age: 32Net worth: $60,000Income: $73,000Goal: - Contribute to building an equitable and inclusive U.S. economy that pays a living wage to all.- Advocate for the implementation of a wealth tax.- Refuse to give into capitalist definitions of success.
Age: 25Net Worth: $220k Goal: Own an apartment/house in the next ~5 years
Wow! Would love to know how you accomplished this-- congratulations :)
I started working part time jobs (like service or tutoring) when I was 14. My parents were very financially minded so they opened up a IRA for me when I started having summer internships that earned 1-2k a summer. I had invested my money starting very early, even though I didn't quite understand it all at the time. I also graduated with no student debt, thanks to my parents. I recognize my parents gave me a lot of privilege in educating me around money and allowing me to graduate debt free!
Age: 36NW: $750k, $2m with partner (not including mortgage liability)Short Term Goal: Monitor financial situation with new baby due in March, eekMid Term Goal: Generate enough income that partner doesn't have to work to maintain our lifestyle (business owner with a team I love and partner makes a better stay-at-home-parent than I do anyway)
Do you mean $2 million? If you don't mind sharing, how did you get to $750 and $2m? (With your partner or your solo contributions / decisions)
Generalizing but: Salary has been $60k annual or less; the $750k is largely due to lucky calls in real estate appreciation and stock buys (e.g. holding Netflix since it was $14 a share when I was in college, and Tesla since below $25 a share). For real estate we intentionally purchased well below our means/what the bank would approve us for, then aggressively paid down our mortgage in less than 7 years and also benefited from market appreciation since then. We were definitely much more aggressive in this area than most of our peers. Then moved for job opportunities and held on to our original place as a rental (college town). Net worth with partner is slightly higher in part because they received a windfall that's been earmarked specifically for real estate only. The rest is investment accounts--your standard boring max annual plan contributions, all in index funds. What's more replicable is actually the tech-adjacent business I own, which is a multiple of the net worth numbers--but I didn't include that in my calculation because it's far less guaranteed. Did recently field a lowball acquisition offer in which the prospective acquirer was inexperienced enough a negotiator that he revealed what the metrics were for our target number, which we do meet. (Sigh, mediocre white men and their easy investor money)
Age: Almost 30Net Worth: $300K (close to $800K with husband)Goal: Own a house
Age: 23Net worth: £40k / $53k at £45k / $60k base (2y FT)Goal: property(ies) and my own early stage investment firm, bonus: $1m in net worth by 30
Age: 34Net worth: ~$3.5M without partner's assets (tech IPO) Goal: Not to have to think about money
I'm so happy for you, and I always have a jealous moment when I see these numbers! Do you think tech IPO can be achieved via strategic moves or is a majority of it luck?
Very impressive!
The problem is that having mo' money doesn't mean thinking about it less, amirite!?At least, I can think about it kind of like I think about a fun brainteaser or analytics problem at work...
Age: 31, partneredNet worth - solo: $1.4m (60% stock market, 30% startup equity, 5% crypto, 5% cash)Net worth - partnered: $15m+ (yeah, feels weird being the small fry with over a million in savings)Income: $150k base, $100k equity vesting per year = $250k totalGoals:We've got the FI, but are struggling on the RE part. Need to work out how to live life more ambitiously outside the confines of our well-trodden office work. Have a happy family with well-adjusted kids that realise how fortunate they are and are able to achieve a fulfilled life for themselves.Have a more creative career, get back to making art.Invest into awesome entrepreneurs working on hard problems (healthcare, education, financial inclusion, environment)Donate lots of money to effective charity.
Yessss to all your goals, especially "Have a more creative career, get back to making art." ♥️
Wow, that's incredible! Can you advise on resources / reading material you use to approach stock investments?
I'm a super boring "Boglehead", so I just buy ETFs that cover the market and are cheap as chips (eg VT, though in my case, for tax reasons, I hold a mix of EIMI and IWDA) whenever I have cash, and then just let the market do its thing.I find this story really helpful whenever I falter in my beliefs / get FOMO because someone timed the market well / feel like what I'm doing is too boring:
Would love to hear more about your startup experience!
Just curious, how did you guys get to the $15M? Startup equity/payout, inheritance, investing? We are trying to get to the same kind of place in the coming years and it feels like the only realistic path is starting/selling a company in short order.
Partner works in the high paying end of quant finance, has been at it for a while and they've had a couple of good years. That, plus consistent aggressive investment into the markets have done their compound interest magic 🧝🏾‍♀️ In short, they got lucky to be born into a decade when their math skills were highly valuable in specific set of companies and situations and to have found a job that shares some of that value with them. We always remind ourselves how much of this was down to luck - keeps us grateful and prevents the illusion that we're somehow fantastically capable and that the money is the reflection thereof (it's not, we just got lucky and made the most of that luck). In terms of my money, it's a similar story (employment savings and aggressive investment into the markets with minimal cash on hand) but obviously my comp has never been at their level. But, I've got my private investments/equity to hope for 😉Wishing you luck on the journey!
Age: almost 30Net Worth: about $60k; up $60k from last year, lol; about $3k debt leftGoal: financial freedomI see a lot of high net worth powerhouses in this thread - you rock, ladies.What's your advice to boost the numbers fast? I invest 50%+ (stock i.e. low cost diversified mutual funds on robo-investing platforms) of my $150k+ income now, but the forecast is nowhere near as impressive as what I'm seeing around!What's the next best thing to do? Not ready for property atm.
This isn't a sexy answer, but: avoid lifestyle creep; increase what you're saving/investing. It sounds like you're already doing this, which leaves you on track to be in a great place within a few years!Some of the folks with HNW may be working in specific parts of a business, or in specific careers, that result in an especially high salary. Others may have an element of luck driving that net-worth (e.g. early employee at a start-up that successfully exited, etc.) Others may have graduated college without debt, or received a gift (of cash, of property, etc.) to jumpstart building wealth. I have friends who saw their net worth jump due to awful things, like inheritance when a parent or sibling unexpectedly died. We don't know the details behind any of the numbers on this thread.So: I'd be proud of the fact that you're saving 50% of your income and say that's super impressive, too!
Thanks for the thoughtful reply, so true 💜Let me see if I can raise that 50% some more.
Age: 26Net Worth: 26k (mix of Roth IRA and high yield savings account) Debt: 20k in student loans Goal: Build 9m emergency savings in cash, level-up financial literacy and invest more
Age: 27Net worth: $450KGoal: Feel like I get out of the rat race and pursue a career I actually value
Age: 30Net worth: ~148k (Debt: 0) Goal: Build upon my worth. A lot of it is in cash right now and I know I need to start investing more aggressively. I want to be able to retire comfortably and in general feel secure no matter what happens.
This is a great thread!Age: About to be 25Salary: $135k (I just got a raise to this amount-- this time last year I was making $100k, and this time the year before that I was making $75k.)Net Worth: ~$40k across IRA, brokerage account and savings accountsGoals:- Own a home in New York and a second home somewhere else.- Make enough each month through dividends for work to be something I do because I want to, not because I have to.- Travel to a new country I haven't been to yet every year.- Work on a cactus farm (lol).
Wow. It’s amazing that you’re all so focussed and driven that you are where you are. I’m 48, partneredNet worth approx $90/91k pensions not included. Debt $100k (home mortgage & car)Goal - to have enough money to be able to live my life. No plans to retire early as the mortgage is due 6 months before I retire. We did have a change of plans when HusbandBoy had health issues forcing early retirement and we lost his salary. Wee blessed where we are though and it’s not overly concerning.
Age: 24Net Worth: $120kGoal: Buy a house by age 30!
23, +5k.My goal is to move somewhere where I can earn what you girls earn. Here in Spain, my salary 14000k/year is quite high for people of my age. Lucky, but always looking for more.
Age: 35Net Worth: $1.5M on my own, $1.75M with husbandGoal: Have two kids and buy a house in the next few years. Run a company, $25M in the bank by age 50.Happy to answer any questions.
That's amazing! How did you do it?
It all came together in the past three years or so. I joined a startup when they were <50 employees and got equity now worth $400k. I also ended up in a business development role at that company and was earning $400-$500k/yr which is where I built most of my cash pile. Getting paid commission in a high growth startup (on top of a very good base salary) is a nice way to make a lot of money quickly. I should also mention I paid off $50k in debt from undergrad, plus $150k for my MBA over the years. Unfortunately I missed out on probably $300k by not really investing at all in the stock market...I’ve been hoarding cash for years. Lesson learned.
Age: 27Net worth: $500kGoal: feel relatively secure to have enough money for a living when I start a startup next year
Age:26Net worth: $1.56Debt: $70,000Goals: Get a SDE 1 job, pay off my debt and increase my savings to $3,000 then towards $10,000, get a pet and live out my days as a childfree cat lady. Spend lots of time with the people I love the most and be happy. Then will every penny to my pet and to my family. Move to SDE II or III, and spend a lot of time with my mom and brother, heal my relationship with both of them. Despite my low net worth, I am very fortunate to have a strongheaded and kind mom and a supportive, loving dad with my pain in the ass brother. My loved ones happiness matters more, I would drop everything for them. I'm alive now and in good health.I respect the people who took the time and effort to save, and build their net worth you guys are my role models. I'm just starting from scratch.
Age: 33Net worth: $15mGoal: Not let money corrupt my worldview or ambition for fighting injustice in the world. Be able to afford being a solo parent.
I'm really curious too--how did you get to $15M?
Gaining $15m is very easy but maintaining that is another experience in life . I am an investor and financial advisor in the stock market and crypto currency world. Write me to my email address and I will show you how [email protected]
Amazing. If you don't mind, how did you get to $15m? What decisions did you make? Also, how are you thinking about what it means to afford to be a solo parent?
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Age: 36Net Worth: 800K Debts: Debt free except mortgageIncome: 200k (ish) a yearGoal: I'd like to be able to retire or be funemployed by the time my kids reach high school. I started a small business with the hopes that it could be a family thing and my kids could become owners (and pay for their own college if that's what they decide).
Age: 31Net Worth: $250kGoal: Set up funds specifically for having kids in 3-5 years
Age: 55Net worth: $1.2M debt freeGoal: Retire at 58 (just started a really exciting new job... we'll see!), learn everything I can about sustainability and give back in that space, and also be an intern at JPL :)
Age: 31Net Worth: $150k Goal: I want to successfully transition into Product Design for a more fulfilling career and to build my worth faster. I want to own a home in the next 2-3 years. I want a salary of 100+ by the end of this year.
Why? What does that mean for you? I get this answer a lot in my practice, but the bigger question is what does this mean to you -- not having to work in a job/career you're not happy with? Not having to answer to 'the man?' -- I'd love to know more.
Age: 33Net Worth: 600KGoal: Financial Independence ASAP (don't have to work for anyone)
Age: 31Net Worth: 1MGoal: Securing legacy for kids
Age: 43Net worth: 1.4mGoal: Work 20hrs a week, long term travel
Age: 34Net Worth: ~400k (A lot of that is equity in a $1.5M home I bought with my partner and a friend...)Income: 175k (Went from 75k total salary to 140k base salary this year. Having money is very new to me!)Goal: Live comfortably, support my extended family, save enough to retire early and pursue healing work