Let’s network at TC + have brunch together! ✨

Hi everyone! 🙂🎉

Happy weekend. Hope you all are taking care of your selves as founders this weekend…

I wanted to share some resources to network offline and online here. By far, I have a very good experience with coffeespace. I’ve been able to meet a few VC’s and founders relevant to my field.

If you guys are interested, they’re giving away FREE TC Tickets right now for those who waitlist here:

To book for the brunch this upcoming Saturday (10/22), the link to RSVP is here:



Hi Glo! Make sure you don't miss out on the Elpha breakfast at TC organised by our fabulous members @AlexandraA and @etalonkristina
Yes!! I did go to TC and attended the breakfast. :) Thanks everyone who organized @AlexandraA @etalonkristina <3
Yay @gloriafelicia thanks for the invite. I love women founder's events, so i ll be there. Looking forward to hanging again!
FOMO is so real! please take pics!
Will do!!
Looking forward to seeing you there!! :)
Wheww love to see it!
How was it ladies and @gloriafelicia any pics for us? :-D