Know a fintech community?

Hi all! I'm 24 and really interested in getting into fintech. I'm looking at LinkedIn and Facebook for fintech communities, but the ones that pop up aren't really good. Could you share your fintech online and in-person community, if you're in any - or if you just know or one?

Ideally, looking for close-knit communities that are very active so I ca chat with folks to gain a better undersfanding of the field. Even better if it's a women-focused community, but doesn't have to be.

Thank you!

Hi Anon!Super cool to hear your interest in fintech. For in person, can you mention where you're based? I was in NYC so a lot of what I am sharing will be NYC based (if not virtual) Check out the following:- This Week in Fintech NYC Fintech Women (you might enjoy that one) Shearman (the law firm) has a fintech practice and often put some events together and their summit is coming up in a month of course do not forget to check for anything fintech related!