How well you perform in your career hinges on more than just your technical skill. You can tick all the boxes, complete your tasks to a T, and still find yourself struggling to advance, gain confidence, and step into your full potential. This becomes more apparent as people start to move from operational to leadership roles.

Success doesn’t come from technical capability alone – it comes from a mindset that allows you to grow. In this blog, we’re going to talk about a mindset that might be impacting your ability to build relationships with others. The key is learning how to build trusting and collaborative relationships, as opposed to transactional and competitive ones.

When you step from a competitive into a collaborative mindset and turn transactional interactions into trusting relationships, your approach to colleagues, clients, customers, and service providers changes. The benefits of this shift are huge.

If you’ve been struggling to progress or find fulfillment in your career, this is the guide you must read today.

I ask this with sincerity; What is the problem with a transactional relationship in the workplace? In the end, isn't that employment? I do a task and I get paid for it? The people who can get me the role or job are not necessarily the people I want to hang out and """build a relationship""" with.