Dive into the different ways networks and mentors can help women achieve their professional development goals.

Network vs Mentors – do you need both or only one?

At their most basic level, networks and mentors serve two different purposes:

Networking is for your casual contacts, with no formal arrangement or obligation. It’s a way for professionals to stay in touch with their industry and find ways to advance their career by sharing resources and information.

Mentorship is when someone in a position of more experience in a particular area (the mentor) provides guidance to someone else (the mentee) in a more structured fashion. At OneUpOneDown we think that mentoring is a two-way street where both mentor and mentee benefit from the relationship but compared to networking it’s more intimate and honest, and there’s an expectation that the information will be unique to your professional needs and challenges.

Because they serve two different purposes you don’t have to choose one or the other. In fact, for women, it’s recommended to have both a network and mentors simultaneously.

Hope this will be useful to all of you.

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