I'm in the middle of a career change & I need to talk to a Growth Manager

Heya squirrels!

I'm in the middle of doing a career pivot (from a Content Marketing Manager), and have already talked to a handful of seasoned professionals in the Product Manager arena.

I was thinking of going from a CMM to a PM - BUT the reoccuring theme for their job is that it's not unusual for them to work 60 hour work weeks.

Uhhhh, what?!


Look, I like my job. But I LOVE my life outside of my job.

And I'm not going to let ANY-THING disturb that!

So being a Product Manager - may or may not happen.

Though another option I'm thinking about is a Growth Marketing Manager.

So if there are any GMMs up for a 15-20 minute informational interview - anytime this week or next - I would GREATLY appreciate it!

You can either reply to this post or DM me!

I'm super nice & will respond asap! 😁