If you're a high-performer, I need your help!

I'm creating a safe space for high-performing women (coming 2023 🤩).

If you've ever been in a private community or group, could you share:

1️⃣ What made you want to join the group

2️⃣ One thing you wish was better, smoother, or more efficient

3️⃣ If it was free or paid

Thank you!

My favourite - ELPHA!1) I joined because I found so much joy talking about all kind of things2) the community has grown a lot and I am always trying to find ways to make it tied and I think the monthly chats are an amazing opportunity for that!3) the best part it's free! At this point, I don't think I need another community as Elpha really provides everything I want (and many members in these other communities are also on Elpha so it just ends up being redundant I think)
I recommend Elpha to every woman in my network! Elpha is great for sourcing information, from professional and personal. It's great that's free. I also feel that it's purely on you to make real connections on here. But that's fair for a free service!
This is phenomenal feedback, Susan! Thank you for your support!On your last point, what are ways Elpha could help or push you make more real connections?
What would help is accountability and more structure. Like most of us on here I'm sure we want to connect with other people but we don't really know how and we don't know who is open to connecting right now. This is what I hope to work on in the community that I'm creating in 2023. I love talking about this topic so let me know if you'd like to connect over a coffee chat!
In addition to @iynna's comment, the people here are all high-performers, friendly and supportive!
Margaret, this community is what is it thanks to members like yourself! So grateful for you, your contribution, and your support!
@susanlee This is my first time being part of a community and I love that it’s female only. Just reading comments and experiences makes me feel I have a new support system. What I would change is the response feature. Should work like a DM or rather the latest comments should come up first. Lastly - I wouldn’t mind paying for something like this. Hope this helps !!