Anyone want to start a podcast?

Hi Elpha!

My name is Rachel, I'm a product manager transitioning to freelance product consulting. For the past few months, I've thought about starting a podcast as a fun side thing! I don't have specifics in mind but some topics I like to talk about are: lifestyle balance, remote work, digital nomading, product, startups, and health/wellness.

If you're interested, send me a DM or email at [email protected]

Hi! Can we connect on linkedin? Im interested on this!
I already see you have a volunteer but if you ever need a guest or backup I would love to.
Being an avid podcast listener for the last several years and maintaining my wellness blog via WordPress the last years, I've considered starting a podcast too! WordPress has a feature to integrate a podcast into an existing blog/website. I'm casually brainstorming ideas around health/wellness topics, but my focus right now is landing a full-time, stable job.
@joyajoseph @RobinL If you want to send me a list of topics you'd like to talk about on a podcast, there are about 8 or so people interested so I figured I could connect people who like similar topics!
I used to podcast a few years back but got busy with work and parenting so editing and putting out the podcast lost priority. I honestly can talk about anything except current politics as I found out that took a toll on my mental health (which is the reason I stopped podcasting).
I would love to talk with you about this!