Celebrate Black Speakers with us tomorrow! (Feb 28th)

Join us tomorrow February 28th at 5pm for a panel called "Why I Speak: Celebrating Black Speakers in the Women Talk Design Community".

We'll hear from Lisa Dance who facilitates workshops and training on ethical research and inclusive design, Natalie Dunbar who uses her unique skills as a content writer, user researcher, journalist, and social scientist in her role as a UX-focused content strategist, and Delia Grenville who co-founded “Designing Me,” an organization that seeks to steer professional women into executive and leadership positions. Learn how these speakers started sharing their voice, what topics they care most about, and what's coming up for them this year.

We're asking folks to pay a $5 ticket that will be donated to the Creative Reaction Lab (one of our favorite nonprofits that educates, trains, and challenges Black and Latinx youth to become leaders in designing healthy and racially equitable communities, but there's also a free ticket option if you need it. I hope you'll join us!