Content Creation in 2023 (outsourcing, in house, how are you managing this?)

I am at a place to rethink how I organize my brand & comms department. It is currently just myself and a content coordinator (my other two team members transfered internally/moved out of the countr). I want to take this as a chance to rethink how we produce and manage our content. That means I am replacing both our Brand & PR role and our Digital Manager.

With how much content there is to create and still support internal content needs for other departments, how do you all manage this?

  • Is outsourcing a better option? Any agency reccomendations?
  • What do you keep in house?
  • How do you manage your content calendars and strategies?
  • What are your priority content themes? mediums? channels?
  • How do you manage your digital campaigns? Agency reccomendations to oursource paid social, display, google/bing.

This is a big ask but I am hoping to get some insight from other successful groups and take time to really be strategic about how I rebuild my department so it's high functioning and lasts.

Thanks in advance!!