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Hi Elphas!I've been hearing a lot from job seekers recently that finding a job these days keeps getting more and more demoralizing. From hearing crickets on an application, to the impersonal awkwardness of screen to screen interviews, to...sometimes much worse. On behalf of employers, all of whom are still figuring it out to some degree, I deeply apologize and you deserve better.That's why we're building Managerie. We've created a space for you to dig into your career dreams and find the constellations that help you navigate toward the companies that are best positioned to support your growth. We chat with every single person who is open to exploring this journey with us, and we'll reflect back to you some insights along the way. If there's a company in our network of startups that is ready to meet you on your path, we'll make a glowing recommendation and you'll be on your way. That said, the most likely immediate outcome is that you gain us as allies in your job search and we commit to supporting you professionally in any way we can (all free to you of course!). If this sounds like it might be up your alley, come our way at managerie.io or feel free to DM me with questions. Very much looking forward to meeting you and sending you good energy in the meantime! And if now feels like a particularly hard time for you, hang in there, know you are loved, and together we're all stronger than we think ❤️.
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@samanthahepler is also working on a similar root problem here! (context: https://elpha.com/posts/xk18wsa3/jobseeking-sucks-i-m-trying-to-change-that) Tagging her in case you both may want to connect :)
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Thanks @teresaman!
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Love seebig so many folks build tools to help job seekers! So cool!Congrats on the launch Patty!! 🎉
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Thank you so much @stephaniecn!