Hi Elpha Community,

It was nice to be a part of this community the past year, especially when I was going through my layoff and the strenuous job search.

After much reflection, i've decided to move on from the white collar world. There are just too many barriers for immigrants of color to overcome and, for me personally, it was no longer worth it.

My story recently got published in a literary journal - The Smart Set. Please check it out if you are interested! -

If you'd like to connect with me or read more of my writing, find me on Substack (Fourth Waver in !Tech) where I write about tech and culture.

Thank you all! I'm happy for the conversations I got to be a part of in this platform.



Thank you for sharing; A lot of marginalized people in tech don't get nearly as far as you did. Totally fair to say "Stuff it, let me do something that actually pays off." and leave.
It's a beautiful article you've written. I resonate so highly with how you write about the hypocrisy of the tech industry, and how you feel like all of you hard work is ultimately just helping rich people get richer/products are not helping people in the way they promise. I don't know you and I'm so proud of you for leaving when the industry feels as stupid as it does!
Thank you Paula!
We will miss you, @harshinirajacha! And we root for you for all you will undertake next! Elpha isn't going anywhere so think of us as your friends and cheerleaders!sending you so much love xx
Thanks @iynna for your support and for all your hard work on Elpha!
spot on - i agree with a lot of what you've written. tech (and other white collar jobs) can be incredibly toxic. being white / white passing and childfree makes is sadly easier (but being female is a rough road) i unfortunately have very, very expensive hobbies and a US based mortgage and birth citizenship so my nest egg would need to be mid 7 figures *cries in competitive equestrian & lacking foreign passport to retire in a less toxic, less expensive, non-cultural wasteland*kudos to you & thanks for being honest that really the only way out is... getting "rich" however that is defined based on your lifestyle and future options.
Hi Jessica, thank you for your kind words. And you understood it exactly right. The only reason I'm able to say no is because I always have my own country to fall back on and an economy where even a few thousand dollars can make a huge difference.
As a fellow immigrant this resonates so much! I was in the long process of getting a permanent residence while switching jobs, and it felt like I had no choice but to endure a terrible work environment just to not lose the life I built here. This section also stood out to me:"There is no guarantee that the next company wouldn’t throw me under a bus the first chance they get. The modern tech company has successfully shifted the risk and responsibility from the employers onto the fragile employees. Executives take zero responsibility for a worker’s well-being and are then surprised when people defer from putting their hearts and souls into their jobs. They forget that the only way to ensure a “productive” workforce is to make the workers feel happy, safe, and cared for. " I've seen it happen again and again and at this point I don't think I can feel motivation and trust at any tech company. Finally as a fellow Substack writer, I love your writing, I love how well it flows and how authentic it feels. Looking forward to staying connected and following your journey!
Hi Annie, thank you for your wonderful words and for your support. The visa situation is a nightmare currently and learning about the backlog for Indians honestly made my decision easier. I look forward to connecting with you on Substack. I'm always on the lookout for more female written newsletters! Good luck! I hope things work out for you🤞🏽
Love that you shared this and that you found a path that doesn't necessarily involves staying in tech. YESSSSS!And that you used ML to get clarity :)I spent 10+ years in tech as an engineer and founder and help women navigate career transitions in and out of tech.I totally get the entitled culture and the paralyzing imposter syndrome.If you're interested or (hi other people!), this is resonating with you, I'm giving a free workshop on March 19th. C'mon by! Last time I played a killer intro playlist and someone said "can confirm this workshop has already created shifts, change, and forward momentum" (the dream!)You can sign up here to join the live call:
Thank you for posting this. I re-read it several times. Good for you for making the choice that best serves you.
I can relate to lots of this but the part about being held hostage to a specific location during the pandemic made me so angry. That happened to me also. My manager then didn’t seem to be able to comprehend that living in complete isolation for like 2 years is not healthy even for super mega introverts like me. Especially in combination with random health issues, sometimes scary ones. I feel I wouldn’t be job searching now (and with still unresolved health issues) had I been able to move home like I wanted (and when I wanted).I’m very over the greed and other aspects of tech that you mentioned as well. It’s making it more difficult to find motivation to even look for a job. I’d probably pursue something different if I could figure out a new path…Anyway, thanks for sharing and wish the best for you.