Hi all!

I am a woman of color in tech who moved from being an AI engineer to a Program Manager. Along the process I noticed how few women were in my team and how almost none of the new recruits were female.

I advocated for DEI, started a committee and came up with a solid action plan and goals.

But, nothing happened. The senior leadership refused to get on board beyond the necessary minimum to look good and appear open to diversity. I realized that the way we are approaching DEIB is all wrong. It has not been working for the past 30 years and its not going to work now when times are especially rocky.

I truly believe that we need to address DEIB at the systemic level. And businesses need to make diversity one of their core values and part of their overall strategy. Because in a system where only profit matters, we can only get as far as diversity-washing measures.

If you would like to read a bit more about the research I did and some of my other conclusions please read my post here on Substack.

Please share your stories with DEI programs! How have they worked / not worked for you?