Anyone here working on the business side of AI/Gen AI/ML companies or products?

I currently work in Marketing Operations and have been on a Gen AI rollout project for a while. I'm loving it and have been learning a lot more about AI since I started. I'd love to hear more from anyone who works in/with AI but in a non-engineering/non-technical role. Product, Program Management, Marketing, BizOps, etc. Thank you!

What a fantastic thread, and the answer is YES we do! @gstetson worked with Google as an AI content writer, @MirandaWucasamey is a marketer, @jillmill who's a PMM @kathleentooker @Peyton who's a pm @ImanM20 @sabrinakelly in HR/People Management I will think of more for you!
Thank you so much!
Of course! I hope you are able to make some solid connections :)
I am developing a product research bot for product discovery teams.
I am an unconventional developer building GenAI product and having users testing it.