Down level for industry switch?

I spent the first 8 years of my career working at traditional tech companies in the Bay Area (Google, Meta, etc.) in marketing. In 2022 I decided I wanted to pursue more creative industries and got a job at a streaming service in LA. Since it's a streamer, it's been a good transition into the entertainment industry while still focusing ultimately on marketing a product/app.

However, due to re-orgs, lack of leadership vision, etc. while I enjoyed my first year of the job the past 4 months have been terrible. I had a new manager join who within the first 2 months I had to report to HR for abrasive behavior and toxicity. And HR actually sided with me after they interviewed other team members who either dealt with the same issues with this manager or just saw the way she was treating me. People on my specific team but also across the org are leaving at a high rate.

I saw a job at one of the big entertainment studios that based on what I've done in my 1.5 years in my current job I think would translate well while also helping me make that full transition into entertainment and get even closer to the creative parts of the industry. However, based on the comp, title, etc. it's definitely a job someone 5 years my junior could probably get.

I just submitted my application and am attending an event today that the head of that team will be in attendance so I'm going to try to network and see what I can make happen.

What advice do you have for pursuing this role? Would you bother? Would you try to negotiate a higher title if you make it into the process? What sort of questions would you ask in the process to make sure there's the right upside? I can see the professional benefit to getting deeper into the industry, but also worried about setting myself back.

Hi OP! Congrats on all your professional wins to date and I'm so sorry this role you're in is no longer bringing fulfilment :( I see what you mean re: going after a role that's junior! In my experience it's a two-way street so if the team is interested in your profile, they will appreciate all the rich experiences you are already bringing to the table.My advice is to not sell yourself short and position yourself as someone with a ton of relevant experience in tech, in marketing, and in streaming (which i know is where you have a little less experience than the first two). I'd ask them what the growth progression looks like in the role (one thing that I see happen a lot is even though the role is junior, your promotion will happen a bit faster because you're more experienced) and look at how others in the company have grown over time. I'd also ask more specific questions about the JD, like what does the day to day entail, will you be managing people, a project, and who will you be reporting to. Overall yes I'd bother pursuing the role because it sounds like it's an amazing fit, and I'd make sure they know what I can bring to the table and how I'd exceed expectations ;-)