Seeking Book Recs: best books you've read about female founders, entrepreneurs, and investors

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As more replies come in, I wanted to point you towards this thread which has been popping with amazing recommendations - hope you find something helpful :)
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Thanks for sharing @lirida
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I enjoyed Banking On It by Anne Boden, the founder of Starling bank. She talks about her experiences of starting a bank in her 50s and the ups and downs of finding investment and getting a banking licence.I'm also enjoying Make Life Beautiful by Shea and Syd McGee who have an interior design company. It's a very different business, but you get the same sense of how they had to overcome challenges to build a business.Neither gives lots of specific tips on how to do the same thing, but hearing them talk about their challenges, how things went wrong, and how they felt helped to normalise some of the feelings I have building new things as a Product Manager.
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Thanks for sharing these recs along with a quick synopsis of each--really appreciate it @juliaodoherty
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We just recently started a female founders book club! We're an international group of female founders, aspiring founders and all interested in entrepreneurship. In our book club we read the latest and greatest books on entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation and discuss them together to share our experiences. If you're interested, you can join us here:
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Thanks @janinekopp sounds like an awesome community
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Here are a few that are top of mind: 1) Leapfrog: the new revolution for women entrepreneurs and 2) Cooking up a Business: lessons from food entrepreneurs (not all women but a number of women included).
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Thanks! Just ordered the first one :)
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Thanks for these recs @annaluscombe
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Thanks @sarabosca appreciate you sharing
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These are more in the general tech/investing space, but I loved Ellen Pao's Reset and Emily Chang's Brotopia.