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Hey @AshleyJeffress thank you so much for sharing your story! You have such a cool job! Would love to hear more about your learnings in your role, in my company we are trying to implement diversity initiatives to support and attract more women talentThanks!
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Thanks for the kind words @anasantos! Let's connect and we can chat more about DI&B initiatives and share ideas.
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Amazing and inspirational post. Thank you for your openness and the “rawness” of your feelings. You are part of making the world a better place for all. There is a lot to overcome: see the video on To Be A Girl below made by Gabi Overcast-Hawks as a rising senior at Governors School summer program where she spent a month growing. good care and kudos to you. Keep it kind. Ellen
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Thank you for sharing this! Absolutely amazing and inspiring. @AshleyJeffress, what do you love most about your job/position?
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Thank you so much @NatalieH! I love being able to help our employees grow. There is nothing better than seeing the impact your programming has had on people across the organization, at all different stages of their career journey and around the world.
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Thank you for sharing so much knowledge and advice! How did you approach positioning yourself to HubSpot as the best person for this role, given your career background and pivot? How did you approach identifying the right points of contact at HubSpot to be able to highlight your transferable skills for this role?
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Thank you @SandyJ! I leaned into my soft skills like communication, organization, creativity and shared examples of how I would be able to generate impact for HubSpot and more specifically the program I would be taking on in the role. It was less about how I was successful in my current role and more about how I would be successful in the role I was interviewing for. I got creative and made a mock project plan/deck to go along with my writing sample and I think going the extra mile really helps set you apart!
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Hi there! Thanks so much for sharing your time and story with us! For those mired in self-doubt, what are concrete ways to bring about that "little extra push" and "super fuel" and start moving into confidence mode?
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Thank you @quinneyeQ! I always try to think less about finding my confidence (as if it's lost) and summoning my confidence from past experiences to help push me forward. Think about a time when you had a great impact or outcome and draw confidence from that. When doubt creeps in, ask myself, "what's the worst that can happen." Failure seems scary but it's temporary. When all else fails, a good old fashion pep talk in the mirror can do the trick! :)
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Thanks for sharing your story, well done following your dream and making the leap to something much better than you imagined.I will take this quote of yours to heart as a motivation for me."Trust your skills: you’re smarter than you think and the impact you have on others can be greater than you ever imagined."Wishing your much more success for the future.
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Congratulations and thank you for sharing your inspiring story! My company is in the D&I tech space and I often see people entering these roles from seemingly-unrelated paths, and everyone has a different approach to learning the People Ops/D&I world. Personally, I come to this space from my past as a developer. How did you upskill yourself in these areas and were there any resources you found particularly helpful?