My Tech Story Journey: Review & Learnings…Featured

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Hi Abi-Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience and background and being transparent about the process!"Your network is your net worth", this has never been more true for professional and personally. Surround yourself with a community of strong people (especially women) and you will go places. I've had the pleasure of witnessing platforms like Elpha be the catalyst for forming valuable connections all over the world.Your point, "You can always pivot and change your mind about your career" also resonated with me and I think will also for a lot of the community here. Often people believe that once they have ventured down a professional path they are obligated to stay the course. Or that there may be too much risk or not enough opportunity to venture off. With the right strategy, empowering network and determination it's always possible!Truly enough reading this post and thank you for sharing it!
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Yesssssss! I always believe you can change your mind, so even if you do something new doesn't mean you never come back and do what you perviously did. Remember you have the power to write your own story on this world.
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Thanks for sharing! I love your message on pivoting - I've seen so many people stay in careers they're not happy with, because they feel like they've invested "too much" time and resources - and they're only in their 20's! I was struggling with the decision to pivot last year (I'd wanted to do it for years, but hesitated because my dream career didn't match the degree or years of experience I had in audit/accounting), but decided to take the jump when a friend shared his father's journey (and about how it's never too late to pivot). His dad went to college as an English major, worked as a scuba instructor after graduating, got his masters in English, worked up to a senior editor at a reputable company, decided at 40 that he wanted to be a doctor so he went to med school, and is now a director at the hospital he works in. It was really inspiring to hear the journey, and so I made the leap from accountant to developer. It really is never too late!
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Yes I agree, such a wonderful story. Wish you all the best as I sure you will be amazing as a developer !
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Reading about your move from non-tech to tech is so encouraging! Being in a physical science, moving into data science feels intimidating, but reading your story puts into perspective the many paths that can be taken. Congrats on all of your success!
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Thank you! This means a lot me ! And you can do anything too.