I was promoted to VP of Decision Engineering while on maternity leaveFeatured

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OMG! That sounds completely unrealistic! Which company it is?
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I work for Nextmv! It’s the best. https://elpha.com/companies/nextmv
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sadly! they don't have any data science opening.. but never leave the company
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Keep an eye out. We’re always opening new roles!
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What an inspirational post! Thank you for sharing and congrats on your promotion 🙌
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Thank you 😊
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Never forget this feeling. 👏🏽
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Found this really helpful as someone without kids, but thinking of having kids. It's hard to really imagine how much of a huge life change it is - and balancing with work is one of the things I worry about. I'm based in the UK so we do get more than 14 weeks off here, but I'm happy that your work has been supportive. Well done for sharing!
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@nicolemisek love having you back! Thank you for sharing what it was like behind the scenes <3
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Thank you for sharing so frankly!
FIrst-time pregnancy right now with a new, big-step-up job (haven't publicly told work, so anon for now). This is what I needed to read. Bookmarked. Thank you!!!!!!
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This is SO 👏 GREAT 👏 !
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Thank you for sharing. Have the same feelings, balancing between work and mom life is definitely hard. Always walk around with feelings of guilt or as an employee or as a mom. On another hand kind of feel myself as superwoman haha, still managing both )
Oh my the “lost time” /productivity decline is something else. When you say it out loud it doesn’t seem like it should be so impactful (what, 3 or 4 ten minute feedings?) but man does it add up. I think what we all forget is it’s also the snacking to support the nursing the incredible thirst the micro interruptions the pump cleaning and charging for those doing that the bottle transfers the spills and bra changes the diaper changes and eye gazing times (what robot can hand their baby back immediately after each nurse) that take up all the extra time … all the peripherals. Btw I think there’s something about working and pumping at the same time that doesn’t work. You can pump but you cant also be staring at work. It definitely hinders the response and biologically this totally makes sense. They say you get your brain back around year 3. If you don’t have another. All companies should facilitate a ramp up period, it is crazy to expect someone to go full force in the first month or two back.
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You ROCK!!! Congrats on the promotion and on being an amazing mom!
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Aww Nicole, congratulations on the baby AND the promotion!! Love all of this, and so proud of you AS well as your amazing supprotive nextmv team!! So exciting and amazing to read all about this here!! Sending my love and best wishes, always <3
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That is amazing! Congratulations!
What a great company! And congrats for your promotion!!! I'm a first time mom and my baby is almost 3 months. I'm still in maternity leave and it's so encouraging to read about your situation and promotion!Can you share a bit more about how the gradual ramp up and flexible hours worked? I'd like to ask my company for the same when I return to work. How did meetings work when you were working a different schedule than everybody else?Thanks for sharing!!!
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Sure! Essentially I could take a couple weeks to ease back in to full time. Thankfully, since we have employees over the globe, we’ve gotten pretty good at blocking off non-work hours on our calendars and mastering async communication. This is logistically no different than working around time zone conflicts. We all try to be good about status updates over slack if we can’t make check in calls, commenting on the appropriate Linear ticket if we have input, and recording calls for those who are unable to attend. Thankfully with this culture already in place, it wasn’t hard for me to ease back in to work gradually without having to be live on every call.
That's awesome! My company culture is quite meeting heavy, so I'm worried it might not work well. Thanks for sharing your experience! Being a working mom is so challenging 🥲