Helping female entrepreneurs with business planning and fundraising prep

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Hi Teresa, love this! I have done a lot of work with women to support them negotiate promotions/pay rises, often helping clients resolve issues related to self-worth, value, their contribution, their profile and setting themselves up for successful outcomes, etc. I have been peripherally involved in the area you mention and have been thinking of creating a program that would teach female founders how to get investment from the right investors on the right terms. I do corporate advisory work for health companies in England incl quite a few health tech companies and am seeing a massive growth in fem tech which is great - but there are definitely some investment challenges there. I run the women's group of Tech London Advocates (health) and the issue of investment comes up all the time. If you'd like to chat email me at and we can organise a coffee at my club the Allbright Mayfair :)
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Hi TRI am fixing to lunch my first startup by January ending. Need some business planning advice from you please. And find raising tips as well.
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Hi Chess, sure, let me know how I can help!
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Hi TRPlease i need help with access to funding. Thanks
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Then I'ld love to have a chat with you, I'm putting together a panel of female positive investors and helping women to get ready for investment for the same reasons.