Want to learn Python for free in an interactive way? Join our upcoming workshop! [Update: FULL but join the waitlist!]

Hi Elphas!The MVP I've been working on is launching, and we're getting started by offering free workshops that leverage our new platform! The platform is interactive and gives you your own IDE in the browser, so you won't need to worry about installing anything on your machine for this workshop.Spots are limited so if you're interested, add your name to the list quick! of the things the workshop will cover:- An overview of navigating the filesystem from the terminal- Python math- Types and string manipulation- Flow control and loops- Modules and libraries- And if there's time, you'll learn to use web APIs and cloud Software Development Kits!The workshop is coming up this Sunday, April 25th at 11AM PST and runs 1.5 hrs.To sign up for the mailing list and stay informed about future workshops and courses, including ones on more advanced topics in areas like cloud services and quantum computing, visit
Hi, I would be interested. Pls sign me up. My email is [email protected]Thanks
Great! Just added you to the workshop list.
By the way, I didn't add you to the newsletter mailing list, but let me know if you'd like to be added to that as well!
Update: the workshop is capped out right now, but you can still join the waitlist here! you'd like be informed about future workshops, you can also use the form above to subscribe to the mailing list.