Anddd we're live!! 🥳 Come check out Moonrise Labs, a new coding education platform that makes learning cloud computing simple. 🖥🌙

Hi everyone!

I've been a bit quiet around here while I've been busily trying to get this project off the ground, but I'd like to share that the platform I've been working on is officially having its first *real* release!

We're called Moonrise Labs, and we aim to make it easier to learn the fundamentals of software development and cloud computing. Our courses are lab-based and interactive - you'll have a fully functional IDE in your browser, and the best part is that the IDE is already equipped with everything you need to start provisioning cloud resources right away!

We currently have 3 courses released, 2 of which are free for anyone to take (if you'd like to take the 3rd course, you can use the discount code ELPHA25 for 25% off!):

We also have several live workshops scheduled if you prefer getting started in a group environment where you can have your questions answered on the spot:

Any feedback is more than welcome - thank you to this community for the support over the years! 💕💕💕

I'm also happy to answer any questions anyone might currently have about cloud computing, learning tech stuff, software development, freelancing, quantum computing, etc. 🙏

Congrats Ara! It's a huge job to build and launch a course, you should feel amazing!! I love the name of your company too, it's foreboding in this way that feels mystical and fantastic! I'm going to be taking my AWS practitioner course in December, I'll be sure to study with Moonrise too.PS: I'm the founder of, an online course to help customer-facing professionals (sales, success, marketing) understand the fundamentals of SaaS and cloud so they can do their jobs with more confidence. It's great to see you out there on a similar mission to help people get their start in tech :)
Thank you Alice!! I appreciate the kind words & hope you find Moonrise helpful 🤗 And yes, helping people get their start in tech in a big part of what we're about - happy to connect with you!
Hello @ ara206 - I visited the website and there is a Demo option, but I see no demos!
Hi Chitra! Thanks for letting me know you're having an issue!If you have a little more time, can you let me know which step didn't work for you? The flow should go: 1. User clicks "Demo" on homepage2. They are taken to where there is a page that says "Welcome!"3. One the left there is a nav bar, and when they click "Getting Started", the user is prompted to log-in4. Once they are logged-in, they can run the demo and watch the videoAlso attaching a screenshot :) Anything you can tell me about which browser you are using and which device would also be very helpful! Thank you Chitra!!
Not sure if this addresses your issue exactly - but I did switch up the UI for the demo this morning after thinking through issues you may have run into. Hoping it helps 😬🤞😅
Thanks for the clarity. I didn't realize I had to login in to see the demo. I was thinking that the demo was a video on what the course/product is all about, the requirements and what I can expect to accomplish by using Moonrise lab.
Ah, I see! Thank you, that helps me understand. The reason people need to sign in to try the platform is because we provision real cloud resources for every user, and we need to keep track of that so users aren't creating a million resources. 😅I updated the page again with more info, hopefully that will help people navigate the demo! I also really like the idea of having a video that just shows how Moonrise works, that people don't need to log in to see. Going to add that to our task tracking, thank you Chitra :)
My email is [email protected]I have some other questions, pls contact me,thanks
Someone will be in touch soon! 🙂
Hi Ara! I am very eager to try your courses! I've always wanted to learn more about cloud-based tech, but haven't had a chance to yet. Also, I LOVE Moonrise Labs' logo and the shades of purple - I agree with Alice that it feels very mystical and special!Thank you for posting it on here and for the code for a discount on the third course! Very excited to see your audience grow!
Thank you Kera! 🥰 I'm glad it resonated with you and hope it can be useful to you on your learning journey in the future! So much of tech is cloud-dominated (for good reason) but not necessarily accessible to beginners - hopefully we can start changing that! :)