Looking for a Superstar Relationships Building Community Manager

Hey nurturer,

Looking for someone who loves a challenge in re-awakening FB and mighty network communities.

Ideal for someone with a wellbeing/trauma informed background.

Must be available a minimum of 2 hours a day, between 5 - 8 pm European time zone. You'll also be moderating live events, these usually happen within this bracket.

The link takes you to the full job description, I hope it serves someone here!

Looks like a great opportunity! What's "wellbeing/trauma informed background" and how does one qualify for this?
Hi @iynna, thank you for asking! Someone who either has worked in a wellbeing space (mindfulness teacher, yoga teacher, life coaching) and/or is trauma-informed (has taken nervous system/trauma courses or worked on their own trauma in therapy/coaching) Why? Because the people in the community they'll be re-awaking have all had traumatic experiences and are on a healing journey. So the candidate needs to have some background/understanding of what these people have experienced and how to respond to their questions/sharings.
Oh I see! thank you for sharing this! I learned smth new!
Hi @penelope132 - I am a yoga teacher, trained in PTSD support and nutrition. How can someone apply?
@adella155 the current link is says the Netherlands, but being based anywhere in Europe is fine.Do you have experience in community management? As that's the principal job, and having a background in yoga, PTSD support and nutrition is a huuuuge bonus :))good luck if you do apply!
Hi - Yes, I have experience managing communities. The Linkedin Application does not allow us to upload one document as asked. Is there an email that an application can be sent to?
Hi @adella155, oh that's annoying! How about contacting Chen Lizra directly on Linkedin.
Yes, I reached out and also on Instagram and she was not responsive.
hi @adella155, strange.. I just tried linkedin and it worked to upload 1 pdf. Try again?