Do you feel traumatized by work?

Panicked to show up?

Kit Campoy’s episode of F'ing Up Podcast dropped on February 14! In her episode she shares details related to feeling traumatized by work and she does not hold back!

Kit has a successful career in retail, working for well known brands such as Anthropologie, Lucky Brand Jeans, Old Navy, and Tilly’s. She worked her guts out in each of her roles - dedicated to the core. With that level of dedication came a realization that working hard and long doesn’t always pay off. There were some tough realities she had to face in her journey.

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About Kit Campoy:

Kit Campoy spent 24 years leading teams in retail stores. In 2022, she threw her store keys in the safe and left the career she loved to write full-time. She now writes, reads, and talks about leadership daily. She advocates for frontline leaders on LinkedIn and through her newsletter, The Voice of the Frontline. Her book, The Retail Leader’s Field Guide - How to Run a Kick Ass Store Where Everyone Wants to Work, is available on Amazon:







F’ing Up is a podcast dedicated to sharing real truths about the career journeys of successful individuals.

Host, Deanne Rhynard, interviews these individuals, points out what they’ve achieved and immediately throws that out the window and focuses on the tripping hazards along the way.

Society has programmed us, largely by way of social media, to think success happens easily and overnight. Deanne points out the realities and humanizes the experience by asking probing questions and urging guests to be vulnerable.

You’ll be surprised what guests share, from being fired to assisting family out of addiction while trying to start in a career - all guests have captivating and relatable experiences.

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