Thriving in tech is mor than product management roles

"Product Management is the ONLY way to a thriving career in tech" I disagree. Here's why!

I'm a Product Coach, and after 10+ years of coaching folks, I've seen 90-95% of fellows get into product after getting coached and trained at PMDojo, that offers programs for women and minority groups to get hired and promoted faster.

They've managed to get a role, perform well, rise to product leadership roles and with substantial salary jumps.

But this post is about the “5%” who did not get into Product.

Yet still made amazing strides in their existing area of expertise and got promoted to:

- Senior Engineering Managers

- VP of Operations

- Chief Operating Officer (COO)

- Director of Customer Success

- Head of Sales

- Sr. Product Marketing Managers, and so on.

About 25% even founded their companies post PMDojo.

Simply because at PMDojo, they step into the role, and learn all that it truly takes to climb up in their careers, such as:

1/ Demonstrating commercial acumen

2/ Solving messy, complex business problems strategically

3/ Having immense situational awareness

4/ Collaborating with diverse teams, in uncertain situations

5/ Communicating to influence and gain buy-in

These skills span across titles.

Mastering them will make you irreplaceable, hireable, and promotable — in this existing landscape.

Thus, my point is: There are many opportunities in tech for those who embody these skills and acumen without necessarily being in product.

I've seen many PMDojo alums do it successfully.

The cheat code is to make it easier for companies to hire and promote you and that much harder to replace you.

If you’re feeling stuck in your tech career, or are unsure of what’s next for you, please reach out. My DMs are always open!