How to get promoted? 3 Lessons learned

If you don't showcase your impact to your manager, you'll struggle to get promoted.

BIG IDEA: How you communicate your value will keep you on top of the mind for opportunities.

Here’s are a few things I have observed and learned over the years coaching women.

It does not happen on autopilot.

1. Write a story that connects the dots between your efforts and the overall success of the company

2. When discussing your recent updates, emphasize how your efforts led to an x% increase in your functional area's OKRs. Then, demonstrate how this translated into a boost in revenue, as users spent more time on the platform

3. Make it significantly easier for your manager to recognize and appreciate your contributions. Don't just tell them, show them the impact. Speak to your skip.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions!

great framework, Bosky!
Thank you @iynna