Calling Women Bootstrap Founders

Hi everyone!

Calling all Women Founders who are bootstrapping!

I am building "StartUp UnleasHer", a curated experience to help fellow women founders and want to chat with you.

My mission is to empower 1M women founders to go from idea to monetization without VC or fundraising.

If this is you, please reach out via DMs:) Know someone, please share this.

Neat idea! Have you heard of Get Sh!t Done? It's a very similar vision and the founder Alex (also a true queen) has helped hundreds of women-led companies across the US and globally! And then also Million Dollar Women run by Julia Pimsleur who has done this for years using her own experience as a founder who generated millions in her business.This just shows the need to help women founders. How do you plan to structure the platform and what value do you wish to bring?
Thank you so much! I am still validating and testing as I build this out. These are great resources to check out.
Makes sense!!
@iynna Love Alex! We hosted her on one of our Honest Leadership events!
@alexbatdorf queen we love you!
I may know someone! Can you tell me more about what you’re doing?
Hello, I am at the idea and early build-out. I now need to file a patent and they cost a significant amount of money. How have others navigated this?
what is your background? who are you looking for - brand new or in what stage(s)?
I am looking to validate a few ideas with founders at different stages - early stage (only idea or ideas, no clue what to do with them all the way to growth stage)... Open to both digital or physical products.
What about service based?