Vowel Launch - building better, more effective meetingshttps://bit.ly/3JQxNqd

Today Vowel — just released Vowel 1.0 out of beta. Check them out on Product Hunt today bit.ly/3JQxNqd to learn how they're delivering on the future of work and building better meetings. They've been driven by the goal to make meetings — especially brainstorm sessions, recurring meetings, and user interviews — more productive, while also ensuring these gatherings are accessible to async work styles and distributed teammates.Here’s what’s new in Vowel 1.0 to make meetings more productive

  • Collaborative agendas to power through your meeting prep
  • Recurring meeting support to help you plan more effective meetings week after week
  • Agenda timers to stay on topic and prevent meetings that drag on
  • Live transcription (now with more languages!) to capture knowledge so you can search it later
  • Lightning-fast shared notes to track action items and decisions
  • Talk time tracking to encourage more inclusive meetings
  • Post-meeting recaps to get align everyone on the next steps
  • Instant recordings to confidently skip meetings & review them later
  • Clip creation + organization to extract pieces of knowledge and organize them by project or studyplus…
  • Best-in-class security. Vowel is SOC2 compliant, which ensures strict information and security policies
  • Vowel now supports video meetings of up to 50 people.Excited to watch the evolution of Vowel & its constant innovation!#innovation #work #video #meetings