Mentorship Topics to Bring up with Leadership 1o1s

Hello Elpha Community,

My name is Maria and I work in a Solar Development company. We are a small company and I have been working there for about five months now. I always wanted to work in the clean energy industry, so I am happy to be in my company and have learned a lot of new things which is exciting. However, since it is a small company in a startup environment, I get pulled into many projects across different departments such as project development, marketing, corporate, data analysis, and even web management. Being exposed to all of these parts of the business is been great, but it sometimes makes me wonder what my real specialization or strength is.

For that reason, I decided to have conversations with my manager and company director in search of mentorship and guidance. I will now be having bi-weekly meetings with my company's director to discuss different topics that might be of interest to my career growth in the industry. Would you kindly give me recommendations on topics I should cover with my director? This could be about mentorship, career growth, industry knowledge, etc. I just want some insights as to how to make the best out of these meetings and create a plan/agenda to prepare for our upcoming meetings. Thank you so much!