How do you motivate yourself to get out of bed WITHOUT hitting the snooze button?

I yo-yo with getting up early in the morning, consistently.

And when I say early in the morning, I mean anytime before 9am.

I would ideally like to get up at 6/6:30 every morning.

Can I wake up for an early bird flight? Of course.

If I have a meeting, can I wake up at the crack of dawn? No problem.

If I have something to DO or someone to MEET - it's not a problem.

Snooze button be damned!

But left to my own accord? I'm on the struggle bus & hitting snooze for an hour - if not more.

I have successfully trained my body to go back to sleep, in less than 5 minutes, no matter what the disturbance.😂

But I figured that I need to add something exciting to my morning routine to wake up early, jump out of bed, and get going. Though I'm having a hard time thinking of that THING!

Any suggestions?

Hoooi @jikajika I so resonate with you :D The pattern that I'm currently working on letting go is scrolling on Instagram before going to bed so that I actually go to bed earlier and then can wake up earlier too. Sometimes having a look at your evening routine can increase motivation and energy in the morning. Not saying that this is the case for you but could be interesting to have a look at too. So here are the questions that I love going through whenever I want to change a pattern - my trainer Alyssa Nobriga created those and I adore her work: 1. How does this pattern serve me? What do I get from doing it?2. What is the deeper desire of the pattern?3. Is this pattern the best way to get to my deeper desire? 4. How can I change the pattern so I can achieve the deeper desire with an upgraded approach?5. What is my specific plan? --> what's my cue/triggering event to initiate the new habit (for example after brushing my teeth) --> what's the exact routine? --> what's the reward I'm giving to myself whenever I've done the routine?As to what the "exciting thing" could be that truly depends on what feels exciting for you. For a while, I used to have an accountability buddy at 7:30 in the morning. We switched on zoom, shared a lovely playlist and did a 40 minutes yoga/meditation/movement session separately together, then after we took 20 minutes to just talk and feel deeply connected in the morning already. That truly helped me to be more motivated and energised throughout the day. Hope this helps <3 keep us posted! And if you ever would love to receive a gifted coaching session let me know :)
Im in the same boat with you! Here for suggestions and tips!
What time do you sleep the night before, you might be quite sleep deprived too so it's harder to wake up? Also I try to sleep in increments of 90 minutes because that's how long a sleep cycle last and if you wake up in the middle of cycle, you're just going to be really "unrefreshed".I wake up around 6 or so, and what has helped is to have the first few hours of the day mapped eg go to the gym/go for a run, and have my gym outfit laid out already, then shower, get dressed, go to class.
Yeah, I can definitely relate to this! I have to set like 10 alarms in a row on my phone since I've slept through the first few before. At first I figured I'm just not a morning person LOL, but I've noticed the best thing that has worked for fixing this for me is getting into a consistent (!) routine of when I sleep and wake up. For example, if I sleep at 11pm, wake up 8am consistently instead of just trying to fit in 9 hrs of sleep 10pm-7am one night, then 11:30pm-8:30 the next. Consistency seems to lead to the best results for me. Though it is not always possible... in college, pulling all nighters studying for exams and taking too much caffeine really messed me up and took me some time getting back to normalizing my routine more after that. Even now, there are certainly nights where I am busy and have priorities which mess up my sleep patterns again.
I don't use an alarm clock and haven't in probably 5-6 years! I set a "just in case" alarm if there's something urgent in the morning, but otherwise wake up around 6 on my own. My thoughts here:- What are you sensitive to in waking up? EG I am sensitive to light, so if I leave my curtains open, I will wake up ~15 minutes after sunrise on the dot. Maybe you aren't as sensitive to sound, and the alarm isn't enough to overcome the ambience in your room. Maybe try setting your alarm across the room? If you have to stand up to turn it off, just don't get back in bed and voila, you're up!- Do you have a sleep schedule? It is very hard to wake up at 6 *sometimes.* If you're normally waking up at 9 and trying to wake up at 6 twice a week, that will throw your body into disarray. I would work on setting up a regular schedule of waking up early (yes, even on the weekends!). If I go out to party, even if I stay out til 5, I will still wake up by 10. If I stay out til 2, I will unfortunately still wake up at 6. Not awesome, but definitely helps we the other 5 days a week that I need to be up early!I hope this helps, but I would def start there!
I also second what other folks said about scrolling before bed. I can work until 11pm downstairs, but I do not allow screens in the bedroom. Podcast at most. I feel decidedly worse if I watch TV right before sleep.
Let me drop my answers here in order of appearance from you fine ladies!@marlenezehnter - I wind down at 9:30pm. And by winding down, I mean - no more computer or phone screens. And from 9:30-10:30pm(ish) I read a book in bed. And I love it, my brain loves it. Good times!As far as me changing my pattern - the main reasons behind it is because: πŸ‘… I want to get in a good workout in the morning (health & wellness) πŸ‘… I love getting that Vitamin D from the sun πŸ‘… I want to get in some deep work before the insanity starts for the day πŸ‘… I would love to be done with the MAJORITY of my work by noon. The handful of times I've woken up at 6am and got ALL THE THINGS DONE before noon!... felt AH-MAZING! And I want that feeling in my life on a consistent basis. I WANT to drink up the day starting at sunrise,'s "tough" man...@iynna - I'm with you on your prep work the night before. I have my clothes laid out, my backpack packed with my headphones & wallet, a pitcher of water and a glass sitting on the counter. I removed ALL obstacles from me leaving the house in under 5 minutes. But even this morning πŸ˜‚ I was debating on jumping right back in bed FOR 5 MINUTES before forcing myself out the door to start the day. So again it comes down to me having a "driver" or "purpose" for me to get out of bed early in the AM because - me getting in shape! Me crushing the day with deep work! It's's not cutting it. πŸ˜… @avril193 - Consistency is the key to it all! I have a clock go off on my phone that alerts me that it's 9:30, time to wind down - and it's 10:30, time to sleep the day off champ!@ilonatrn - If I put the alarm across the room, I will get out of bed, turn it off, and jump right back into bed again & be asleep in under 60 seconds. 🀣I sleep with a face mask to help block out any light from distracting me from some my slumber. I remember Jocko Willinck saying he gets up at 4:30am, even on the weekends, so he can get things accomplished before the chaos of the day begins. Plus it gives him a sense of accomplishment. #alltrueSo yes, you are definitely correct about that! All in all, I think I need a class in something I REALLY LOVE doing to get me out of this rut. πŸ€”
Do you like dogs? :) Unless I want to clean up a mess, my pup keeps me on schedule. Haha.Maybe finding a workout buddy so you have to meet someone every morning? Sounds like you're able to get up if there's a schedule to keep. Then that gets you up and helps accomplish your goal of getting that workout in too. Good luck!
I have yet found a reliable, workout buddy that wants to get up that early to workout with me. HOWEVER, I could use Focusmate and book 30-60 minute sessions with someone and maybe do my hip mobility exercises...Gah! But again, no computer or phone screens for the first hour! I'll keep thinking about it...And I LOVE dogs!
@jikajika I'm on the same struggle bus as you! I've been very intentional about overcoming this. What's working for me so far is scheduling early morning calls/appts for myself. Just like you, if I have something scheduled, I have no problem getting out of bed, but if I'm left to my own accord, forget it! So, I've been scheduling things early mornings to force myself to get up earlier. Things like spin class, grocery curbside pickup, virtual/in-person coffee chats, work meetings (esp with those in later time zones), etc.Hope these suggestions help!
Grocery curbside pickup?! Yasss!!!I've been debating on taking a 6am yoga class, but haven't pulled the trigger yet - but fork yeah! A virtual coffee chat with someone in a different time zone is BRILLIANT! But I try to not jump on my computer or phone until at least 1 hour after waking up. But I love THIS!Thank you Sandra!! Great suggestions!!!
I can totally relate!! This is one of the reasons I helped create the "focused wake-up calls"! It's to help people establish a consistent morning routine -- which starts with getting up at the same time every day. It's a 15-minute call at the beginning of the day, to plan out your day and do a brief meditation. We host it every weekday morning, and the community is incredible! Very warm, supportive, and inspirational. πŸ’œIf you're interested, you can read more here:
Well this looks interesting! I'll be sure to check it out! Thanks!
I wake up because I have to, and that is on most days. On the rare occasion that I have nowhere to be, I relish hitting the snooze button😁! I wish I could help.
I'm doing this experiment I saw on Reddit - where I don't wake up to an alarm clock for 1 week to see what my natural sleeping rhythm is, but I have to go to bed at the same time every night (I drop between 10:30-10:45pm). So far, I wake up - on my own - between 7:45-8am with no alarm. And I don't feel like CRAP when I peel myself out of bed! 🀯🀯🀯I want to continue with the experiment and see what happens when I drink 1 big glass of water before bed. Will that get me up any earlier, naturally? We'll see...😏
I used to be like this where I could probably sleep in until 10:00 am. I could easily fall asleep but could never wake up on my own and it was always a struggle. I started to wear blue light blocking glasses at sunset and didn't turn on any overhead lights. I would try to sleep by 10:45 pm at the latest. I also made some major changes to my diet and cut out nearly all processed foods. Now, I can wake up with ease and I feel like I'm getting closer to being a "morning person" with energy and I don't need coffee to get my day started!
Oh interesting...You changed your diet, cutting out a bulk of processed foods....VERRRRRRRY interesting...πŸ€”
I find that I need to move my body to wake up, not so much as a workout but making the automatic response to my alarm to be walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth, then walk downstairs and drink a glass of water. Usually this minimal movement takes me out of the full fog of sleep just enough for my next step.Then, I have about an hour routine: journal, meditate, read. I used to also do affirmations or mantras but haven't been as consistent, but I find the slow mornings make it easier to wake up (and I try to journal before meditation, because otherwise I fall asleep when meditating).
You fall asleep when meditating?! LOL! The MAIN reason I won't do it. 🀣The way I think I would LOVE to wake up is with the sun on my face/body & with the sounds of ducks or chickens waking up and starting their day of being...ducks & chickens.I remember beach camping once, and the ducks quacked at the break of dawn and I wasn't mad at it. And it woke me right up saying, "Hello ducks! Hello sunshine! Let's drink up the day!"I honestly think something as "simple" as that would be all I need...
My neighbours have roosters, and believe me it does get tiring ;)
Then ducks it is!πŸ€£πŸ¦†