Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area Elpha Community

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Hello!My name is Veronica, and I'm a mod here on the Elpha Bay Area group (thanks for starting this thread, Joanna!). I've been living in San Francisco since 2004, and was in Boston / CT before that. I'm a product manager at Adobe. I'd love to get some time set aside for a meet-and-greet at some point, if anyone would be interested. I'll start another thread to gauge interest!
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Hello girls! I am Jenny and I will be visiting SF on Oct 19th till Nov 4th for attending a conference and other business related stuff :pI know nobody in SF and I'd be happy to meet and greet :Dps I cannot find the thread Veronica :/
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Veronica, what is a mod? Is this moderator?Funny, such a small world. I am a member of Townsend Toastmasters club which meets every Monday @ 12 noon @ Adobe HQ in San Francisco. Are you in SF or SJ, Veronica?
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Yes, mod is moderator, though I’m still unclear on what that means in the Elpha sense (not sure I have any special powers or anything, haha). I’m in the SF Adobe office! Very cool that you’re doing Toastmasters, I’ve heard great things.
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@veronicabelmont would you mind posting a link to the thread re a meet and greet? :-)