I turn 50 tomorrow and I'm freaking out a little.

Here we go. Today's the last day of my 40's. I'm a little scared of leaving behind a label that lets me lean on being considered young(ish) But then I breathe and think, I've published 3 books. I went to Scotland last month for 3 weeks solo. I've had a successful business for two decades, and I'm not done launching big scary projects.It's just a label, right? RIGHT?!? **grabs paper bag to breathe into**
Yes, 50 is just a label. You'll survive and laugh about this later. Because there is still so much life to be enjoyed. Congrats on your accomplishments & Happy Birthday!
It is just a label! I'm about to turn 53 and I haven't noticed a difference from my 40's. "Old" is just a state of mind!
50 is fabulous! Look at all the success you have already had, so much more to come. I am enjoying my new empty nest, the time for passion pursuits and learning new things (like pickle ball). Grab life by the *ahem* balls and enjoy it!
Happy Birthday, Badass! What does "50" even mean anymore? I think you listed it out perfectly: accomplished, smart and fearless. And if you're like me, the waning estrogen helps immensely in the "giving zero f*cks" department. Welcome to the other side. xoxo
I'm so close ... 1.5 years away. I think maintaining the confidences to launch those "big scary projects" or life changes is key. Thank you for your post!
Happy Birthday! is just a label. Definitely!
Happy birthday! We'd love to have you as a member at :)
Putting this on my to-do list for early next year. :)
Honestly my 50s have been GREAT, so much better than 40s in so many ways. Life begins again, anew, differently. It's a great journey! I'm 57 (and a half haha).