Thanks for joining me here in this little corner of the internet! Tell us your name, what you do, where you live or mostly work out of if you're a digital nomad, and what your favorite online blog is. Also, how do I add images?!
Hey Erica!Thanks for creating this community! I'm Whitney, a freelance Operations consultant for tech startups, currently living in Amsterdam and originally from Boston. I'm also an Elpha Community Manager!Looking forward to meeting and connecting with more remote Elphas!
Awesome! I'd love to connect with you:)
Hi Erica! Thank you for starting this group. I'm Nadine, in Brooklyn and have been consulting in Emerging Tech for the past 3 years. Blogs? I've been reading The Guardian more lately and listen to Recode regularly.
Hi Erica! Great idea for a community - I'm Julia and I'm helping build a remote/distributed team with an HQ in San Francisco. Hopefully can learn and provide some insight from the other side of the (hiring) equation. Personally, I'd love to eventually live a multi-city life - I think being a remote worker is essential for this vision :)
Hey Erica!I'm Zahra, I recently (well, 9 months ago) launched a blog called Iraqi Innovators to change the narrative surrounding Iraq as a war-torn country and more about its growing tech and startup ecosystem! I'm now building this out into an NGO so that I can train entrepreneurs and tecchies in skills they need to thrive in their fields, with a focus on areas not currently supported by NGOs. I have a remote teammate and we're still pretty small!
just had a look at your blog - i love this!! what a great initiative!!
Thanks so much <3
Hi!I'm Candi from Virginia. I work remotely both for my full-time and part-time jobs. I'm a front end developer of 10+ yrs in internet listing service company and a lead customer advocate/project manager at A Book Apart. I mostly work from home but occasionally stop by my favorite coffee shops or libraries. Working remotely has allowed me to explore the area I live in more.
Hi Erica!Thanks setting this up! I work for a startup that is set up as a hub-and-spoke model, where everyone is by default remote, but we do have a centralized meeting space for occasional team gatherings/meetings. We're still young, so learning how to set up the best remote culture is important to us. One aspect of remote culture that is becoming clear to me, is how inclusive remote work is. We've spoken with several young women in particular who contrast working remotely with an always-on open plan office culture, and in the remote work - because of the way communication flows more deliberately - they find their voices are heard, they are not talked over in meetings, and they are seen more for their contributions than their age or their gender. I'm still early in my understanding of this, but very interested to learn whether others have the same experience, and what folks are reading/watching/listening to on this topic!
Love this point about inclusion! In my experience, remote work also allows for a more fluid balance/flow between personal and professional responsibilities, and I believe that's critical for inclusion.
Hi Erica - thanks for setting this up! I'm Rusudan, I'm co-founded and helped build (a platform where anyone can sponsor monthly Internet fees and laptops for high school students in need) while working remotely from Oslo. Now I'm back in Georgia (Europe) with my team and I'm considering moving back to somewhere in Europe again - and I'm actively weighing my options and thinking about the possible pain points of collaborating remotely. So this community might prove really helpful for me!
Hey Everyone! I'm Ashley. :) I work as an interim-CMO for early stage startups, and am primarily based in San Francisco--happy to meet up with anyone based here! Most of my clients are in Europe, NYC, and SF, so I work remotely and travel often. Budapest and Paris are two of my favorite cities in the world. favorite online blog...that's really tough...I'm more into newsletters these days than blogs. Would highly recommend David Sherry's Creative Caffeine!
which newsletters are your favorite?
So the one I mentioned above--David Sherry's Newsletter, "Creative Caffeine" is awesome. Also a big fan of A Guy Named Patrick's and Girls' Night In. :)
Hi all!2 and a half years ago my brother and I decided to leave SF and use our rent money to become digital nomads. I must say it's amazing how far rent money can take you if you can find a nice flight somewhere and an affordable place to sleep. Together we own a boutique branding and marketing shop called NOQ where we only work with remote people (employees not clients). As for now, I am based in France but spend my time traveling around Europe (Sevilla, Spain next week if anyone is around)! 🙋🏻‍♀️Happy to join this Elpha community and look forward to seeing everyone's posts/comments!FAV BLOG: Not sure if this is really a blog but I guess maybe a visual blog?
Hi all! I'm a UX Designer currently consult for a SaaS company called XMind. We make the best mindmap software in the world. Feel free to try our product: I'm in Vancouver, BC during summer and usually travel around during fall/winter. My fav online blog is actually Naval's Twitter account:
Hi Erica - thanks for creating this space. I'm Elena, based out of NYC but originally from TEXAS. Yee haw!I have been working remote for a year and a half and my company is remote by default. To be honest, I have struggled with it (and would love to hear advice from this group on how to make it better!). My current company (I've been there for about a month) makes a HUGE effort in bringing the whole team together once a quarter which I really appreciate.I've observed it's hard to build team *connective tissue* when you are not physically gathered around the water cooler. I am a people-person so working alone and spending all day alone has been an adjustment. I recently became a member of which is an affordable co-working service in NYC. Getting out of the house, even if it's just a few times a week or for a few hours a day has been awesome. I really love it (but I do miss just being able to pop into someone's cube for a quick brainstorming session).Fav blog - waitbutway by tim urban
Thank you for creating this space. My husband and I started our own platform to give everyone a way that they can work remote by helping people with our guided action plan app. We have a 100% work remote company and working on living remote soon as well! It was our dream to travel and experience the world and we work everyday towards that together. I'd love to collaborate with anyone who is living and or working to help others do the same by creating action plans on Life.Cafe! This is a topic close to our hearts and we want to share it with the world. Lets think outside the box together and take action! email me: [email protected]
Hello @FounderMama thanks for creating this space. I'm Katerina, half-german, half-spanish, raised in Belgium and now in Ireland. Next stop will be Spain (once my contract ends). 3 years of rain is enough.I'm a people analyst with a passion for team and how information flows between team members. Who has what information and shares it with whom, influences what decisions are made. I'm right now building a people analyst company that helps teams develop collaboration patterns that match their goals and values ( normally work from home on Tuesday. I bring the kids to school with the bus and run back. I'd be back at the same time than if I wold take the bus back. Thursday I'll go to a co-working space, every 2nd Wednesday I organize a pop-up co-working session within my role as Grow Remote chapter leader. The other days I go to the office. That's my ideal organization of my workspace. I used to read David creative caffeine newsletter @ashleywhitlatch mentioned. However, recently I don't have much time to read blogs or newsletters. I read The Economist (but not consistently), listen to the Monocle for news, and currently reading 1Q84.
Hi Erica, I'm Noa, a freelance data science consultant based in Berlin, Germany. I work mostly from home, I have one client for which I do 1 day/week on-site. For other projects I'm working fully remote. I'm more of a podcast listener than blog reader, so I would recommend Women at Work by HBR and Kara Swisher's Recode Decode.