Overcoming Insecurity as a Young FounderFeatured

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I love this! I too am a fan of hyping myself up 🤩🤩🤩
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Haha, you gotta do what you gotta do!
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"To me, the most important action is to keep your momentum going because the more obstacles you overcome, the more resilient you become." Yes to this! Thanks for sharing, Nastassia.
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Thanks Hannah! :)
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Nastassia, SO GOOD to see you write this and share! I was just talking to my therapist about feeling some imposter syndrome about being a founder and she told me the exact same thing you mentioned in point #1. These thoughts are lies that the mind tells itself -- it's this form of cognitive distortion and it's so vital to let them go. Rooting for you and Connectful!!
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100% and thank you for sharing that! Definitely, it's all cognitive distortion. Rooting for you too!! <3
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LOVE THIS! Absolute Bad a$$! Thank you for sharing!!!!
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Thank you so, so much!! :)
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Hi Nastassia, I'm also a young founder (24 years old). I'm currently working on LevelUp, an app that connects women mentors & mentees, so it seems like we have a lot in common! Would love to connect and have a chat sometime :)
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That's so cool! YES, I'd love to connect. Love how your name is similar to mine as well :) Maybe shoot me an email or a LinkedIn message? If email, it's nastassia@connectful.com :) Looking forward to chatting!
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Thanks for sharing! Surely, neither does age get in the way of your immense wisdom. I have a tough time answering the question, "why am I the right person to do this?" Often there is no measurable reason. Only just I’m crazy enough to say yes? Committing to crazy starts from a visceral reaction to all the crap that’s wrong with the world, but to change any of it one must first be crazy enough to face the overwhelming likelihood of failure. The odds can’t be any more against us just as our human nature will always default to survival over risk. Our brains process fear as what's keeping us alive. But the way I see it, beyond the success and failure, is at least your actions may help get the ball rolling to inspire others to act as well. I suppose I fear not trying at all more than the failure itself. It was great to hear your story and best of luck to you!