My Startup is Beta Testing! (Networking App for Young Adults)

Hey Elpha's! The day has finally come...Connectful just started beta testing! Connectful is a networking app for young adults to find like-minded people that they don't already know. If you're around 18-24 years old (our target audience), I'd absolutely love for you to help beta test the app. If you're outside of that age range but still want to give some feedback, you're very welcome. Elpha's please comment your first name, last name and email, and I will send it out to you! Thank you,Nastassia
Hey @nastassia, huge congrats on getting Connectful to beta launch stage - that's awesome! Unfortunately, I don't have capacity to provide feedback at the moment, but I've cross-posted this in the Gen Z channel to maximise reach. Keep us posted on how things develop, please!
Ama Kessie[email protected]Thank you in advance for the opportunity @nastassia!
Hey Ama! Sweet, just sent you the TestFlight. I appreciate the help :)
Hey this sounds great, I'd love to know more, Harini Rao [email protected].
Hey Harini! Awesome, I just sent you the TestFlight :). Thanks so much
Hey @nastassiaSounds great indeed, As a developer, I'd love to know more about the product by testing.[email protected] :) - Monisha