Looking for a co-founder for an exciting startup

Hey Elpha's! Happy first day of September. I'm the founder of Connectful, a networking app for young adults to network with like-minded people they don’t already know. Our team of 7, mainly consisting of young adults, have been working on this since February and are hoping to launch late September/early October (so exciting!). Our goal is to revolutionize the way young adults connect and shift the paradigm for women in leadership, workplace and everyday life. I'm also 20 years old, and this idea began from my own personal struggle of not having any like-minded and entrepreneurial girl friends who were around my age at the time. Of course, that did make me feel lonely. I remember looking for platforms that could solve my problem, events to go, and just any place really...I found nothing effective. Through surveying and talking to hundreds of other young adults, it validated my belief that this was much bigger than a "me" problem. Honestly Elpha's, it's very much doable going at this as a solo founder as I have enough drive and passion to do it, but I am very much open to having another co-founder. In fact, I would really like one! Two masterminds are always better than one and to really conquer our vision, it would be great to have someone beside me. Although a tech co-founder would be nice as I have .001% knowledge about anything technical, I don't have much of a preference. If you're an ambitious rockstar who has experience to prove it and the desire to make a difference in the world, then that's all that matters. Please ask any questions that you may have, I'd love to answer them. If anyone wants to take the leap of faith, let's get to first know each other. Shoot me a message on LinkedIn or reply on here, whatever is best. If you know of someone who may be a great fit, please also send this to them. LI: you all so much for your time! :)-Nastassia
Kudos, @nastassia, for your journey as a founder! Super awesome! Tagging @marciklein here who might know someone...
Thank you so very much Becca! :)
Congrats Nastassia! I can totally relate to the need so I hope to be a client soon!I wouldn't be able to commit to being a co-founder but if you need help testing and validating, just DM me :)
Thank you so much Teresa! I appreciate that and will definitely DM you when the time comes :). I'll connect with you on Linkedin too!