Any founders in their early 20's?

Hey beautiful Elpha's! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I want to connect with some founders or just overall boss women in their early 20's. I'm currently working on a startup named Connectful, a networking app for young adults that is slated to launch in early September. It's quite a lonely process, and I would love to make more like-minded friends! Please comment below if you want to connect! Thank you,Nastassia
Hey @nastassia - not a founder but would like to think I fall into the 'overall boss woman' bucket & would love to connect!
Hey I’m 23 and a founder would love to connect ✨
Hi @nastassia! I'm a 26yo founder and would love to connect :)
Hi Nastassia! I'd love to connect!
Hi Nastassia! I'm a founder in their early, early twenties (19) and I'd love to connect.
Hi Nastassia! I'm an investor, not a founder, but am 24 (and hope I qualify as a "boss woman" LOL). Would love to connect and learn more about what you're building.@marisolcamacho is another early 20s boss woman :)
Total boss - can affirm 😘
Haha, I love it! I reached out to you two :)
Hi @nastassia, would love to connect with you! I am currently in process of building a community and working on something special with @abbyrose, I am 23 "Woo" haha.
Late 20s - not founder but interested in founding culture & freelancer :) happy to connect!